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So, you’re bracing yourself to say “I do” this winter. If your big day is falling somewhere in December, January, or February, you’re probably on your way to crafting your wedding color palette. Sure, you can always go for classic winter colors like royal blues and magenta. But why reuse the same old color when there are countless other stunning options on the table? Here, we spill the beans on the latest wedding color trends to help take your big day to the next level!

Sophistication Painted in Gold, Black, and Green

The gold, black, and green wedding color palette marries black-tie sophistication with rustic charm. Pair black with festive gold accents with notes of evergreens to create a more upscale ambiance. Infuse gold-foiled typography into your black invitations. Add a dash of greenery, pinecones, and floating candles to offset the dark tones in your ceremony space. Incorporating gold, black, and green into your winter wedding décor can elevate your wedding theme from simple to sophisticated. 

Bronze and Emerald Mix

For brides and grooms wanting to paint their wedding day in all things “merry and bright,” the bronze and emerald mix would be a great color scheme to incorporate. Amplify your wedding décor with deep emerald greens and take the look up a notch with bronze accents. Don’t forget green centerpieces, candle-lit tables, and rose-gold plates to liven up your reception area!

Crimson Magic 

Looking for a romantic wedding palette? Build a bouquet in various rich shades of red. Aim for crimson, burgundy, and merlot tones. You can even lay out wine-colored linens under your ruby-toned centerpieces for your head table. If you want to elevate the look, include touches of greenery to compliment the romantic red tones in your wedding décor. 

The Rustic Road: Neutrals in Ivory, White, and Taupe

If you’re having a farmhouse wedding this winter, tap into the power of rustic neutrals. This neutral palette of white, taupe, and ivory pays tribute to traditional winter color schemes. Craft a bouquet using dried hydrangeas, rose gold ferns, and white orchids, and incorporate some vintage magic by adorning your rustic venue with white roses and greenery.

White, In and Out

If your heart sings the tales of minimalism, white on white is the color scheme for you. Bring the magic of classic white cakes, lucite seating, and white flower trees that look like they’re bathed in snow. Add a few subtle pops of winter greens here and there to create a breathtaking and timeless décor. Finally, incorporate a splash of leafy details on your escort cards and scatter some frosty greenery against your cake’s backdrop.

Brass, Gold, and Copper

Blend the celestial magic of the winter sky with the glitz of all things gold for your big day. Replace old-fashioned sparkles with stunning metallic touches when it comes to your centerpieces and plateware. Combine golden hues with charming tones of copper and brass for a romantic vintage vibe. Make décor statements using dangling 3D stars. Go for copper escort cards instead of the regular paper ones and build a golden champagne tower to take your big day’s glamor meter off the charts!

Vibrant Jewel Tones

Jewel tones create a stunning color palette that creates a classier ambiance. Craft a color scheme with deeper hues of amethyst, sapphire blue, emerald green, and ruby for a royal winter wedding look. 

How to Pick Your Winter Wedding Colors 

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the latest wedding color trends, it’s time to make the tough choice. Here are four steps to go about it:

Take Inspiration from Your Venue 

Your wedding venue (or the venue you’re envisioning if you haven’t booked it yet) is a great starting point to determine which hues will help you create a magical wedding day. Observe the colors that dominate the venue, architectural accents, and other features to let your imagination get to work!

Set the Mood 

Your wedding colors will decide the kind of vibe your big day is going to have. Want to lend a royal (and dramatic) touch to your big day? Go for tones like ivory, blue, metallic, and black. Are you envisioning a lively and fun ambiance? Go for eye-catching hues such as turquoise, red, and bright pink. Looking for something that would inch your wedding day closer to nature? Think rustic neutrals like taupe and ivory. 

Pick a Theme

If you have a clear wedding theme in mind, then your colors can essentially set themselves. A Gatsby-inspired theme, for instance, will paint your big day in gold, silver, and black. A Halloween wedding, on the other hand, will bring stunning shades like gold, cream, and orange to life. However, if you can’t pinpoint a specific theme or concept, you can start by narrowing down your wedding style. For instance, deep and rich purples reflect royalty and luxury. Cool blues set a calm stage for your big day. Vibrant magentas remind us of passion. 

Follow Your Heart (and Your Personality!)

Still trying to decode your wedding color scheme game? Look for inspiration in what you already surround yourself with. Study your home décor, explore your closet, and look for hues that dominate your life. Find colors that can bring a smile to your face for a long, long time. Start creating a mood board with your favorite hues. Notice patterns of the colors that appear the most on your mood board. From there, shortlist 3-4 tones and start thinking about how you’d like these colors to dominate your big day!

It’s Your Time to Shine! 

There are endless possibilities for what you can do with your wedding colors. Now that you can pinpoint the hues you would love to see on your wedding day, it’s time to get to work! Remember, your wedding color palette should reflect your personal style and fine taste. So, instead of trying hard to recreate a specific look, use your imagination and creativity for a unique yet breathtaking winter wedding décor.

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