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Long sleeve dresses are the holy grail of winter fashion. But what goes into styling a long-sleeve dress? How can you blend your dress, accessories, and shoes to put together a flawless winter outfit? How to ace your long-sleeve dress game for every occasion? What should you wear under or over your dress? Which color would best compliment your outfit? Read on to understand!

Highlight Your Waistline 

Loose long sleeve dresses without a proper waist definition can look out of place. If you have long sleeve dresses that don’t particularly have a defined waistline, you can always cinch them around the waist! Drawing a waistline helps separate the torso from the legs to bring out the best in your figure. This can be done using elastic bands, belts, or waist-level jackets. If you like the idea of highlighting your waistline, make sure you choose long sleeve dresses that come with a wrap silhouette to create a feminine and elegant look. 

Let Turtlenecks Save the Day!

A great way to style a long sleeve dress while adding ample warmth to your overall attire would be to incorporate turtlenecks into it. Turtlenecks not only add a sophisticated look to your outfit but they also elongate the visual perception of your body. You can even pair your summer long sleeve dresses with turtlenecks to stay warm while looking stylish. When it’s time to accessorize your attire, you can simply add a minimalistic long pendant to bring a stylish vibe. 

Don’t Be Afraid of Jewelry

If you choose to wear a long sleeve dress in winter, it’s important to pay special attention to the way you layer your outfit. Because winter outfits are often layered, many people overlook the chance to add the power of accessories to their outfits. If your dress boasts an open neckline, you can opt for necklaces with complex designs to add a fancy touch to your overall outfit. On the other hand, if your dress features a smaller neck opening, you can opt for long pendants that fall to your chest level. 

Grab a Pullover

If you’re looking for a way to align style with comfort, you can simply pair your long sleeve dress with a cozy pullover. 

Dresses with extended hems are perfect for a pullover. Once you put it on, you can enjoy its warmth while creating a gorgeous look. For added elegance, you can simply take off the pullover. A neutral-colored long-sleeve dress with a simple white sweatshirt is a winter look worthy of those picture-perfect Insta shots. 

Escape the Chills with Tights 

If it’s too cold outside to wear your short, long-sleeve dress, you can always pair it with warm tights. Go for tights that are either opaque woven or pick sheer pantyhose to craft an elegant look. This way, you not only stay super warm and comfy but you also get to flaunt your outfit during fancy events – be it a cocktail party or a date night!

Go for a V-Neckline for an Alluring Look

If you’re building a wardrobe full of long sleeve dresses for the season head, make sure you prioritize V-necklines or scoop necklines. These necklines uncover an alluring, feminine look by helping you show off your decolletage. V-necklines combined with a wrap design also elongate the neck and make you look slimmer.

Pair it with a Gorgeous Scarf 

Long sleeve dresses pair beautifully with scarves. If you’re putting your winter attire together, a great way to stay warm while elevating your look would be to add a scarf that complements the color of your dress. Your scarf can also serve as a perfect accent piece that reflects your personality. If you’re dressing up for a special event, make sure you team your outfit with gold statement earrings. For shoes, simply pick heels in a neutral shade.

Opt for Long-Sleeve Mini Dresses

Long sleeves mini dresses are a must-have for every woman who loves fashion. The short length of the dress can be ideal for both casual events and cocktail parties. What’s more, you can even pair these dresses effortlessly with just about any accessory to create a stunning outcome. 

Add Some Furry Magic

Fur coats are an excellent addition to any long sleeve attire. If you’re prepping for your upcoming fancy event, you can simply grab a designer midi dress and team it with a fur coat that complements the dress’s color. Light-colored dresses look flawless with light fur, whereas dark colors look stunning with black fur coats. 

Shackets are another great way to elevate your long sleeve dress. Like fur coats, they give a stylish touch to your attire while keeping you comfortable throughout the day!

Say Yes to Neutrals 

While summer is for bright colors and playful prints, winters are all about warm neutrals like cream, beige, and brown. The best part about neutrals is that you can never go wrong with them! What’s more, neutrals also help create an effortless and sophisticated look. A trending neutral long sleeve outfit idea includes combining a beige maxi cardigan with a fuzzy winter coat and a stylish pair of suede boots.

Boot it Up!

Ankle boots are great for most dress styles. However, they look beyond stunning when paired with long-sleeve dresses. You can pair almost all your mini and midi dresses with black boots for a gorgeous look. Brown boots can be a perfect choice if you want to elevate your style further. This combination can be perfect for dinner dates or drinks with your BFFs.

Building Your Cocktail Dress Wardrobe 

There you have it – a comprehensive list of styling tips to create a stunning look with your long-sleeve dress. With winter knocking at our doors, it’s time to build a stylish wardrobe full of these dresses. At NewYorkDress, we offer a diverse range of designer long sleeve dresses from international fashion houses. 

From formal events to cocktail parties and everything in between, our collection includes dresses that are perfect for every occasion. Without countless styles, silhouettes, fabrics, and color options – we offer a comprehensive menu of designs that will flatter both your personality and your figure. Ready to start your shopping spree? Explore NewYorkDress’s collections now!

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