Jung Kook Enlists Justin Timberlake for Surprise New ‘3D’ Remix


Jung Kook enlists Justin Timberlake for a surprise new remix of the BTS star’s hit “3D.”

The original version of the song serves the opening track on Jung Kook’s recently released LP Golden, with Jack Harlow featured as guest; the Timberlake remix, however, strips that rapper off “3D,” with the NSync singer joining Jung Kook to “enhance the 2000s vibe of the old school sound of the original version, infusing it with a retro charm,” Big Hit Music said of the collaboration.

“Jung and JT on the main now / You can still find me in a drop-top / With the top down but I got so many lanes now,” Timberlake sings on his verse. “Now let me fly you out to Seoul, Korea / I just wanna get into your soul like Aretha / I got the volume when you wanna get the beat up.”

The remix arrives just days after BTS’ Jimin, V, RM, and Jung Kook announced they had started their mandatory “military enlistment process” in South Korea. In a letter to fans the next day, Jung Kook wrote that he was ready to “start a new journey.”

“As I share this news, I feel heavy on one hand, and on the other hand, I’m reminded of precious memories with ARMY, so my heart warms up,” he wrote. “Every moment I’ve spent with you has been the brightest time of my life. ARMY’s laughter, support, and love led me to this point. Thank you so much for supporting my dream and walking with me silently.”


“I’m careful to tell you to wait for me while I’m in the military. A year and a half is a long time, so I can’t say anything selfish,” he added. “I promise that I’ll be back on stage with a more mature side where I always am. I hope ARMY’s lives will always be full of laughter and happiness.”

He concluded: “I hope you fill in ARMY’s daily life healthily and beautifully. I’ll miss you deeply while waiting for the day we meet again and talk about something new. Don’t get sick and stay healthy. I love you.”

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