Netflix’s ‘Best. Christmas. Ever!’ panned by viewers, branded ‘worst movie of all time’


If viewer reaction is any indication, Netflix certainly isn’t sleighing with their Christmas content.

The streaming giant’s much-hyped holiday flick, “Best. Christmas. Ever!”, has been panned by fans, in spite of its all-star cast.

Jason Biggs, Heather Graham, Matt Cedeño and Brandy Norwood appear in the comedy, about a “twist of fate” that brings two families together on Dec. 25.

The film is currently performing well for Netflix, sitting in second spot on their global Weekly Top 10 list of most-watched movies.

But those who tune in appear less than impressed. The project has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 33% and viewers have taken to X to slam the movie.

“Trying to figure out the plot of #BestChristmasEver,” a viewer declared alongside a meme of a confused-looking Adele.

”Best Christmas Ever’ is probably [the] worst Christmas movie I’ve seen in a long time,” someone else tartly tweeted.

Brandy Norwood as Jackie and Jason Biggs as Rob in “Best. Christmas. Ever!”
Scott Everett White/Netflix

“AI must have wrote #BestChristmasEver,” another mocked.

Meanwhile, an additional viewer guffawed: “On a scale of 1-10, the new Netflix movie ‘Best. Christmas. Ever!’ is the worst movie of all time.”

Despite viewer backlash and the poor Rotten Tomatoes score, some critics say they enjoyed the festive flick.

Heather Graham as Charlotte in “Best. Christmas. Ever!”
Scott Everett White/Netflix

Variety critic Courtney Howard wrote that Graham and Norwood’s performances are both “comedic and dramatic” with “tonal fluctuations [of] grace and nuance.”

Screen Rant echoed the outlet’s words, saying that the plot was “sweet and sentimental.”

“The real reason to watch this one is Brandy, a multi-talented star who has withstood the test of time; she is simply that girl! Brandy is fun, wholesome, and beaming the whole way through,” the writer gushed over the R&B singer.

Critics couldn’t help but gush over the performance of Norwood.
Scott Everett White/Netflix

Netflix’s newest holiday production comes amid their decision to hike their prices despite raking in nine million new subscribers this year.

The streamer believes that their increase in members is due to their crackdown on password-sharing. The company had raised the US price of the premium ad-free plan by $3 per month to $22.99.

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