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De-wrinkling a fabric like chiffon isn’t as easy as running a very hot iron on it. Chiffon is lightweight and luxurious. So, naturally, it demands tons of precaution when the de-wrinkling hour strikes. Here, we’ve compiled detailed instructions to help you smooth your gorgeous dress out by using any of three of the most common de-wrinkling methods: Ironing, steaming, and the hot shower method. But diving into that, let’s understand… 

What Is Chiffon, Exactly? 

Chiffon is that luxurious, lightweight, and fine fabric you see in some of those gorgeous breezy dresses, negligees, and blouses. This fabric usually pairs flawlessly with Grecian-inspired styles and decorative embellishments. Ease of draping and a shimmery texture are the hallmarks of chiffon. This enchanting fabric springs out when a variety of both synthetic and natural fibers are weaved. Outfits made of chiffons are great for breezy events like outdoor cocktail parties and beach weddings. Here’s a quick look at the most common types of chiffon:

  • Polyester Chiffon: This chiffon is heavy on the affordability and durability side. It’s often used to weave home fabrics, blouses, and dresses. 
  • Silk Chiffon: This fabric is more expensive. Its luxurious and delicate nature makes it a great material for bows and embellishments. 
  • Pearl Chiffon: This fabric features a high sheen which gives it that characteristic glossy look.
  • Pleated Chiffon: Pleated chiffon is when a variation of this fabric is folded in an accordion-like pattern. 
  • Jacquard Chiffon: This fabric includes embellishments that flaunt romantic motifs. Generally speaking, this chiffon fabric is woven with velvet or metallic thread. 
  • Georgette and organza: Add more thickness and stiffness to chiffon and these are the fabrics you get.

When it comes to eliminating wrinkles from chiffon, not all fabrics can be treated the same. Some fabrics might handle ironing while others would demand hot steam for wrinkle removal. For instance, you may be able to iron certain cotton and synthetic chiffon styles. But ironing other styles like a silk chiffon dress might damage the fabric. Be sure to take a quick look at the cleaning label before deciding to iron your chiffon dress. Even if certain chiffon fabrics can be ironed, they need to be done in a specific manner. Read on to understand how you can free your chiffon dress from wrinkles. 

Getting the Wrinkles Out of your Chiffon Dress 

The three methods of de-wrinkling a chiffon dress include: 


As discussed, not all chiffon fabrics can be ironed. Make sure you take a look at the cleaning label before starting the following process: 

  • Get rid of any chips or burns on your iron. This step ensures the fabric is safe from any sources of damage.
  • Set it at the lowest temperature. Chiffon cannot tolerate high temperatures and the lowest heat is enough to straighten the fabric. 
  • Target the back side of the fabric. This precautionary step can help ensure no visible areas of your dress get damaged.
  • Place a clean towel over the fabric. Since chiffon is extremely delicate, using a layer of towel keeps it fully protected from the hot iron. 
  • Keep the movement on. Remember, your fabric can get ruined if you let the iron sit for more than 20 seconds. Make sure you keep the iron moving to avoid any damage. 
  • Hang the dress post-ironing. Instead of folding your dress, make sure you hang your dress vertically for the ironing to set in and avoid any wrinkle formation.


If you can’t use an iron to free your chiffon dress of wrinkles, using a light steam treatment can be a great alternative. Make sure you don’t expose the fabric to direct steam. Here’s how you can steam the wrinkles away:

  • Invest in a garment steamer. If you don’t have a garment steamer, you can find several inexpensive options. A small steamer, for example, would cost $20-$30 and it can be used for all kinds of fabrics.
  • Hang your chiffon outfit. Hanging your clothing vertically rather than horizontally is the best way to steam it. Vertical hanging also ensures you don’t end up adding wrinkles as you steam the dress. 
  • Test it first. Start with using the steamer on inconspicuous areas of your dress such as the inner lining. If the steamer helps smooth out the wrinkles without staining or warping the fabric, it’s safe to continue using it.
  • Follow the “up and down”, and “side to side” directions. Hold the steamer a few inches away from the dress. Sweep it gently over the wrinkles in the side to side and up and down directions until the area smoothens out. Repeat the movements until your entire dress is wrinkle-free. 
  • Hang the dress vertically. This step is necessary to let the steaming set in and protect the fabric from re-wrinkling. 

Shower Method

If you’re nervous about using iron and steamer, the hot shower method is the safest option to smoothen your dress out. The steps here include: 

  • Turn the hot shower on. This will help create the steam inside the bathroom
  • Make the bathroom airtight. Close the doors and windows. Use a towel to cover any gaps near the door to fully trap the steam inside. 
  • Wait until the bathroom is full of steam.
  • Hang your chiffon dress up. Find a place to hang your dress and let it get exposed to the steam heat for about 20 minutes. The heat will help straighten the fabric. 
  • Use a towel to remove the wrinkles. Wrap a towel around the hand. Next, run it up and down throughout the length of your chiffon dress. Doing this a few times will help smooth out the wrinkles by the time your dress dries. 

Before you Go…

Chiffon makes up for a gorgeous fabric for equally gorgeous dresses. But the fabric also requires a reasonable amount of maintenance. We hope the methods mentioned above will help you smoothen out your dress. But if you’re still in doubt, make sure you consult a dry cleaner.

That said, if you’re looking to make a gorgeous addition to your chiffon dress collection, head over to our wide selection of high-end chiffon dresses from our favorite designers.

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