What Shoes to Wear with Your Wedding Dress


Every bride puts significant thought into the most minute details of her wedding gown, veil, hairstyle, makeup, and accessories. Sometimes they can be so focused on the other elements and accessories that they leave the shoes for an afterthought. However, this accessory is just as essential as the rest. 

With so many options to choose from, it’s important to put some serious thought into what shoes you want to wear with your wedding dress. From cute kitty heels to classic pumps and even flats, it’s crucial to put some thought into this style detail and plan ahead. This guide will help show you how. 

Things to Consider When Picking Out Your Shoes

If you’re stumped on what shoes to wear with your wedding dress, keep reading for the most important things to consider. 


First things first: set a reasonable budget and try to find a pair of shoes you would wear on more than just this occasion so you can really get your money’s worth. However, if you decide that it isn’t worth it to splurge on a pair of shoes that people will only see on this one special day, look into borrowing a pair, or see if you have a suitable pair hiding in your closet already. 


While your wedding day presents a perfect opportunity to add your own personalized twist to an exceptional ensemble, don’t forget that the shoes should also match the dress fabric and style. For example, if you have an A-line gown or ball gown with embellishments or details such as beading and lace, match the shoes with those details. On the other hand, if you’ll be wearing a mermaid-style dress, look at some sexy peep-toes or strappy heels. If you’re going bold with a short wedding dress, throw in an equally bold pair of pointy-toe retro heels or pumps in an eye-catching color or print.  


Don’t underestimate the amount of time you’re going to spend on your feet on your wedding day. Comfort is a significant factor to consider. If heels are a must-have, follow these tips to find a comfortable pair:

  • Look for flexible fabrics that won’t squish your toes
  • Ensure the ball and arch of the foot has sufficient padding or cushioning
  • Look for rubber soles so you don’t slip on the dance floor
  • Remember that wedges and low, thick heels offer the most support  

If you don’t enjoy wearing heels, just choose a different type of shoe. This is your big day, so inject some personal style into your ensemble. For example, if you’re getting married on the beach, put on your favorite pair of sandals, or if you’re having a rustic country wedding, wear your favorite pair of boots. Nothing looks sexier than a woman who’s comfortable in her clothes.  

Heel Height

Heels can be tricky, so consider what you wear on a daily basis, and don’t try to push yourself too far outside your comfort zone. From short kitty heels to sky-high pumps, you have plenty of options to choose from. Choose the ones that look great and feel comfortable. 

Fabric and Color

Bridal shoes come in various fabrics, so choose one that matches your dress. You can even find shoes made of satin, crepe, and silk. Keep in mind that while plastic and vinyl shoes are common and inexpensive, there’s a good chance they’ll end up pinching your feet or rubbing blisters into your skin.

You know how important it is to consider color for any detail of your big day, and shoes are no exception. Traditional white, ivory, and nude shades are timeless, but you can be a little bolder with your shoe. Add some glitter and shine with a pair of metallic shoes or make your footwear that “something blue” that your ensemble is missing.  

Wedding Venue

Don’t forget to consider your venue location when choosing which shoes to wear with your wedding dress. This is especially important if your ceremony is taking place outdoors, on the grass, sand, or dirt. This crucial detail will influence the heel size, fabric type, and even color choice of your footwear.  

Time of Year

You probably wouldn’t go for a hike or a walk through the city without checking the weather to ensure you have the appropriate footwear, so why should your wedding day be any different? Your choice of footwear should largely depend on the time of year and climate. For example, lace booties or velvet pumps work for a winter wedding but not a wedding on the beach. On the other hand, wedges and sandals are perfect for a beach wedding but not for an autumn black-tie event. 

Types of Shoes to Consider

There are many types of shoes to consider for your bridal footwear. Here are the five most popular styles:

  • Pumps – Pumps are classic and versatile. This timeless option can be paired with any dress style 
  • Strappy heels – Strappy heels are chic and stylish, plus they use an extra strap to keep your feet in place
  • Flats – While many women are set on needing heels, there are so many exquisite flats options that work with any type of dress while providing optimal comfort
  • Wedges – Wedges offer a stylish solution for women who want to wear heels with their wedding dress but are looking for a more comfortable option
  • Kitten heels – Kitten heels are short and sweet, offering an option that’s easy to stand in throughout the day and night

Remember These Tips

Follow these extra tips to be sure that you’ll feel comfortable and confident in your shoes on your big day:

  • Once you settle on a pair, take them to dress fittings to ensure the hemline of your dress looks perfect with them on 
  • If the shoes aren’t comfortable the first time you put them on, don’t buy them
  • Wear socks with your shoes and walk around in them far in advance of your big day
  • Provide added traction to smooth-soled shoes by scuffing the soles with sandpaper
  • Check the reviews carefully if you’re purchasing shoes online

If you’re buying your shoes online, read the product description carefully and check the reviews for warning signs. You should also make sure you’re shopping on a reputable site like NewYorkDress. To make glamor accessible to every woman, we carry a wide range of evening and special occasion shoes from high-end designers in luxury fashion.

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