25+ Cyber Monday deals under $25 for 2023


Best Cyber Monday deals under $25

Best Amazon device deal

Echo Pop

$17.99 at Amazon
(save $22)

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Apple AirTag on white background

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Cyber Monday sales have something for everyone, regardless of budget. If you’re looking for some inexpensive gifts options or stocking stuffers, we’ve browsed, clicked, reviewed, contemplated, and made this list of our top picks on sale for under $25. While the prices are low, the quality is high.

Bonus: Many of Mashable’s favorite products of the year — from Stasher bags to blue light glasses and fun gift ideas —are heavily marked down for the shopping holiday. So even though doorbuster deals on TVs and appliances tend to get the most attention this weekend, savvy shoppers know that this is the time to fill up the shopping cart with already affordable (and now even more so) products.

As we gear up for Cyber Week and the holidays, here are some of the best Cyber Monday deals under $25, all of which are kind on the wallet during a year that hasn’t been.

Stasher bags

Why we like it

Mashable’s Senior Shopping Reporter Haley Henschel tested the Shark Tank success story’s reusable bags against its competitor and Stasher beat Endurables out due to their fun colors, quality, and easy clean-up. Those same fun colors are on sale for Cyber Monday.

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A portable grow light

Why we like it

Save your plants this winter with the GooingTop LED Grow Light. The plant light has soft light and a gooseneck to customize it to your plant setup. It’s perfect for small plants and green thumbs on a budget.

A popular Apple product

Why we like it

You might assume that Cyber Monday deals under $25 mostly cover off-brand products, but that’s not the case. In addition to Amazon devices, you can even find Apple products in this price point. For Black Friday-Cyber Monday, the always in-demand Apple AirTags are at their lowest price in months. We’ve previously named the Apple AirTag the best Bluetooth tracker, and it’s a good idea to stock up on these gadgets before you brave the airports for holiday travel.

A pair of blue light glasses

Why we like it

Mashable’s Lead Shopping Reporter Dylan Haas rated Felix Gray as the best blue light glasses overall. The glasses are well made, tintless — a rarity among blue light glasses — and far more stylish than other brands.

A compact smart speaker

Why we like it

The compact size of the Echo Pop makes it a great choice for smaller spaces like a bedroom, bathroom, or a studio apartment. Jam out to your favorite tunes while getting ready in the morning, listen to an audiobook while cleaning, or play non-stop holiday jazz well into January (we won’t tell anyone).

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An updated streaming stick

Why we like it

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, the latest generation, is all about smooth streaming — powered by a quad-core 1.7 GHz processor. This translates to quicker app starts and easier navigation when switching between streaming channels. Mashable reviewer Jake Krol reviewed the Fire Stick 4K and says it’s one of the best options for the price. With 50% slashed off the regular price for Cyber Monday, this only becomes more true. You’ll be set to binge your favorite holiday movies with a new streaming stick.

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An inexpensive set of earbuds

Why we like it

Have you been operating with just one earbud instead of two? Do your kids find hiding earbuds to be more entertaining than feeding their vegetables to the dog? If you’re in need of an inexpensive pair of earbuds, the Soundcore by Anker P20i true wireless earbuds are down to just $19.99 at Amazon — the lowest price we’ve ever seen. Do these compare to the specs of Apple’s AirPods Pro? No. Do they cost a fraction of the price, get about 10 hours of battery life, and have water resistance? Absolutely. If you need an inexpensive pair of earbuds or want to try out earbuds for the first time, this set could be your new best friend.

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A WiFi extender to reach the backyard

Why we like it

If your WiFi fails to reach all corners of your house, a WiFi extender can help solve the problem. Whether you’re cleaning out the garage or hanging out in the backyard for a summer movie night, the TP Link RE220 WiFi extender covers up to 1,200 square feet. You can connect up to 30 devices including smartphones, TVs, and laptops.

An under $25 gift for her

Why we like it

The holidays will be here before you know it, which is why you should use Cyber Monday sales to buy gifts for friends and family. Mashable freelance shopping editor Timothy Beck Werth swears that this jewelry box is the perfect gift for her (or for anyone who likes to wear jewelry). It’s an incredibly practical gift that lets travelers keep their jewelry organized and secure while traveling, and the under $25 price tag and stylish design also make it ideal for Secret Santa and White Elephant parties.

A classic outdoor product

Why we like it

The Mashable team has covered a lot of Cyber Mondays and Prime Days, and with every big Amazon sale comes a 50% discount on the LifeStraw personal water filter. It might just be the only under $25 product that could potentially save your life. With this straw-style filter, you can drink directly from the grossest, muddiest puddles. Plus, for shopping reporters like us, it wouldn’t be Cyber Monday with a discount on LifeStraw. It’s as traditional as mashed potatoes on Thanksgiving.

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A new game for the Switch

Why we like it

If you love Star Wars and you love LEGO, this is the game for you. The deluxe edition includes seven downloadable content character packs and an exclusive Obi-Wan Kenobi playable character.

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