Cameraman caught signaling WWE star to leave before CM Punk’s return


A WWE cameraman was seen waving at a superstar to leave before CM Punk came out at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023.

Punk’s big return has taken pro wrestling by storm. Fans are still dumbstruck over the fact that the veteran is back in WWE after nine long years.

As previously reported, Drew McIntyre immediately left the ring after the Men’s WarGames match. Now, fans have pointed out that a WWE cameraman was waving at McIntyre to leave before CM Punk came out for his return.

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McIntyre was visibly unhappy while he was leaving the ringside area and heading backstage. Shortly after, Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reported that The Scottish Warrior was visibly upset even backstage after the show went off the air and left the building.

Only time will tell what the deal is with McIntyre. Judging by the video of the cameraman signaling McIntyre to leave, it looks like the entire situation is a big work to create more buzz following Punk’s return.

Seth Rollins was upset over Punk’s return as well and could be seen giving him the middle finger.

What do you think? Is McIntyre’s walkout a work?

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