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Husbands will brag about these. 🎁

Our Top Gifts for Your Husband Gift Guide has budget-friendly & unique ideas for every man! Whether you just got married or are a seasoned couple.

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1. He can golf like a pro right at home with this net set.

close up of golf practice net in yard

Golf Practice Net$69.99 (regularly $99.99)
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Final cost $60.29 SHIPPED 

This huge net is collapsible and perfect for practicing golf anytime he wants right at home – whether inside or outside! It comes with a 10-foot by 7-foot net, a putting green, targets, a tee holder, 5 balls, and a travel bag. There’s not a single golfer out there who wouldn’t love this and you’ll get to have your man home more often. 😉

2. Husbands won’t be leaving the bathroom with this luxurious bidet that’s simple to install.

stock photo of white bidet attachment

Ladies, listen. This may seem like a gag gift, but there is not a single man who doesn’t appreciate a clean tushie and this bidet is SO much more affordable than just about any other one on the market! Chances are your guy spends a significant amount of time on the toilet anyway, so there’s no reason he shouldn’t be leaving the bathroom fresh and feeling like a new man.

All jokes aside, this is an affordable and sleek bidet option that doesn’t require electricity or special tools so it’s simple for any guy to install. Even better, it’ll save him money on toilet paper too! 🙌🏼

Want a splurge-worthy bidet? Our Hip CEO, Collin, recommends this TOTO bidet that washes with warm water and dries.

3. Get your husband a massage gun that he can take anywhere.

massage gun in case on table with attachments

A massage gun will be perfect for any husband whether he works out in the gym daily, has a strenuous job, or is simply always complaining about sore muscles. This handy and powerful tool comes with 10 different head attachments for every problem area and can be stored in a sleek case for portability.

4. This hoodie is a piece of clothing he’ll wear loud and proud any day of the week and it supports a small business. 

man standing outside with dark gray trophy husband tshirt

Trophy Husband Apparel$18+ (regularly $40)

*Shipping is $5.04. Use code CYBER5 for an additional $5 OFF $30+ purchases.

Okay, okay. So this could easily be a gag gift, but these “Trophy Husband” sweatshirts and shirts are becoming quite the trend and with the current sale price, why not grab one?! It’s a piece of clothing that will boost his ego like no other and we know he’ll wear it loud and proud…even if it’s only to the living room. 😉

5. A silicone ring will be his go-to piece to wear daily.

close up of man tying tennis shoe with black silicone ring on finger

Or get FREE shipping when you spend $40+ with this deal:

QALO Modern Black Silicone Ring $18.86 (regularly $26.95)
Personalize your ring with engraving $8.95  
Buy 1 Gift Box $5 
Buy 1 Silicone Ring Dish $8.36 (regularly $11) 
Total: $41.17
Shipping is FREE on orders $40+
Final cost $41.17 SHIPPED for a personalized ring, silicone dish, AND a gift box!

From working out to showering, a silicone ring is one piece of jewelry he’ll never want to take off! We especially love this modern black QALO ring because it is super sleek and will go with everything. Even better, this silicone ring is engravable for just $8.95, so you can personalize it and add a stylish gift box and silicone dish to get your order shipped for FREE!

6. These mini trackers are just as capable as AirTags but so much more affordable.

black momax tracker next to an apple airtag

With these tracker tags, your hubby can quickly and easily locate any lost or misplaced items and devices at home or while traveling. These tags can even play a sound when his item is lost inside your house or his vehicle. You can also get alerts on your phone if you leave an item behind. You don’t need to spend more money for an Apple AirTag when these essentially do the same thing.

7. Connect with your husband and make memories with these unique scratch-off cards.

couple sitting on bed holding black quickies scratch off card and box

You’ve likely heard of the popular Adventure Challenge books, but in case you didn’t know, they now have a totally new pack of scratch-offs that are super giftable! We love this pack of Quickies because they can be done in 30 minutes or less and have 30 adventures she’ll absolutely love doing with you. Plus, the gift of quality time and authentic connection is priceless.

Read our team’s reviews about all the different Adventure Challenge books and see what other gifts would be perfect for your guy.

8. Get him a rechargeable flashlight that will come in handy for emergencies at home or while camping.

close up of man holding tactical flashlight

This handy rechargeable flashlight delivers up to 500,000 lumens on the high setting, lasts up to 20 hours, and is endlessly rechargeable up to 200,000 times. It even has a low battery display so you’re always aware of how much time you have left. Having personally tested these, I can assure you you’re getting a quality and high-end flashlight at a great price!

9. Score trendy HOKA running shoes for your fashionable guy at Nordstrom Rack.

man wearing black Hoka Challenger ATR 6 Trail Running Shoes

Hoka running shoes are all the trend right now! Be sure to grab a pair of these premium running shoes on sale at Nordstrom Rack if your guy is into the latest fashion trends while working out or running errands around town. They offer unparalleled comfort and are super lightweight and softer and bouncier which also makes running long miles a little easier! Our Hip sidekick, Cam, said these are her favorite and most comfortable shoes for training and running marathons!

10. Give your husband peace of mind with this video doorbell that doesn’t have a monthly fee. 

close up of black eufy camera doorbell on brick house

Choosing a video doorbell can be very overwhelming, but our team has tested and loves this video doorbell enough to say you can make the choice for him! He’ll love having the peace of mind whether he wants to keep watch on the house or know when the kids get home each afternoon. Either way, he’ll be wowed by the video quality of this doorbell and the fact there are no monthly fees! Even better, he can save videos for up to 30 days for free too!

Head over to our full review on this eufy video doorbell to learn more!

11. This portable power station + solar panel kit is a splurge he’ll use. 

display of Bluetti Portable Power Station w_ Solar Kit

Not only will this come in handy during bad storms, but this is a great splurge-worthy item to grab for your husband so he can take it camping, hunting, or whatever other adventures he loves to take. Bluetti’s power station features a 600W AC inverter, battery pack, and nine outlets that will keep your devices charged and functioning for several hours when there is no power available.

Read more about the BLUETTI Portable Power Station over on our full review! 

12. This magnetic, light-up tool can pick up 2.2 lbs and will allow him to find all sorts of lost treasures. 

stock photo of light up magnetic tool in box

This little tool will be SO handy for any hubby – even if he’s not the most handy guy. The pole is extendable up to 22 inches so it’s easier on his back to pick things up and it even has 3 LED lights so he can get to hard-to-reach places with ease. 🙌🏼  It’s a great tool to have regardless of age or needs. After he opens it, he’s going to be finding all sorts of lost treasures!

13. A Blackstone grill will be every husband’s favorite gift in 2023.

blackstone griddle with food

We can’t think of a better gift worthy of a splurge other than this versatile outdoor griddle! The Blackstone griddle top has even heating and is spacious which allows him to cook so many things at once from burgers to onions, pancakes, eggs, and SO much more! Clean-up is also a cinch since all he’ll have to do is scrap it clean with the included flat scraper. This is one gift he’ll be raving about to all his buddies. Plus, it’s such an affordable option if you’re looking to buy him a new grill!

Read more about why our Hip CEO, Collin, and her husband love their Blackstone grill.

14. He’ll appreciate this gag gift more than you might think.

TubShroom Ultra Bath Tub Drain Protector

Most married men at one point or another know the struggle of a clogged drain – especially if there are a lot of women in their home. 😆 The TubShroom fits standard shower drains from 1.25 inches to 2 inches wide. It’s super easy to install, all you have to do is pop it into your drain! Loose hair strands circle around the center tube and are caught before going into your pipes thanks to the innovative design and it’s sure to keep your hubby from playing Mr. Plumber.

15. Experiences are great gifts for your wife if quality time together is her love language. 

2 adults sitting in front of an airstream camper

An experience gift – Potentially FREE!

Some of the very best gifts are experiences money can’t buy so consider planning an adventurous or relaxing day you can enjoy together. Plus, you can never go wrong with something that allows you to connect with your spouse. We’re huge fans of experiences over gifts so if you’re still searching for the perfect gift for your husband this is it and it doesn’t have to cost money either! There are many things you could do such as one of his favorite hikes, a free local concert, and so much more.

You could also buy your experience and consider fun ideas like a mini getaway in a cozy RV if he’s the outdoorsy type or Search your local area on Groupon for fun things to save on!

What are your suggestions for our gifts for husband gift guide? Please share your favorite gift ideas for husbands in the comments below!

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