Groupon Costco Membership Deal | $40 Gift Card & $40 OFF $250+ Order


You’re not going to want to miss out on this Groupon Costco membership offer!

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Dreaming of a Costco membership this holiday? Don’t miss this membership deal! ⭐

For a limited time, zoom on over to Groupon where you can grab a 1-year Costco Gold Star Membership with a $40 Digital Shop Card for just $60! This offer is available for new members OR for previous members whose membership has been expired for 18 months or longer.

Note that Costco Digital Shop Cards will be emailed within 2 weeks after signup and can be used at any Costco warehouse, gas station, and online at

MacBook with Costco executive membership

With an Executive Membership you’ll get 2% cash back on ALL qualified Costco purchases!

If you’re looking for an upgraded plan with more benefits, you can opt to upgrade from this Gold Star Membership to their Executive membership at any time. While the cost to upgrade is $60 per year, Costco will prorate the amount based on the months remaining in your current membership. Purchases made prior to upgrading are not eligible for the 2% Reward though.

You’ll get the best prices on everything from groceries to electronics with either membership, but you’ll score even more savings with an Executive Membership, all while staying in the know about the latest Costco news and products. 🙌

To upgrade from Gold Star to Executive, you can visit the courtesy desk at your local club or do it right online in the renewal section of your Costco account.

Costco sheet rainbow sheet cake half eaten

That includes a ton of our favorite items, like Costco’s home goods, pre-made meals, and that delectable sheet cake. 🤤 Yes, 2% CASH BACK ON CAKE!! Best news EVER! 😆

In the unlikely event that you don’t accumulate much in cash back rewards, Costco will refund you the difference from the $60 upgrade fee to cover the cost! You really can’t lose either way. 🙌

Costco membership brochure

Did you know that Executive Members get discounts on more than just in-warehouse goods?

Yep, it’s true! Costco has a whole roster of services available to help its members with everything from car loans to identity protection. While these services are open to Gold Star members as well, Executive members may receive lower rates than Gold Star members.

Costco membership poster

And with this Costco membership deal, you’ll have access to Unexpected Items!

Costco’s neat “Unexpected Items” page highlights all the products that–you guessed it!–you wouldn’t expect to find at Costco or on They have plenty of useful (and interesting!) items that you probably never knew you needed, and Costco is also a great starting point for finding some gift inspiration.

woman holding a Costco Executive Membership

That’s only a small selection of the items you can find on Costco’s Unexpected Items list…

Even better, you can often find items sold at members-only prices or with manufacturer’s savings. You can also check out Costco’s membership tips to find even more unexpected ways to make the most of your Costco membership!

Since Costco sells such a wide variety of items online that you can get shipped right to you, you can benefit from a membership even if you don’t live close to a Costco location. 🙌

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