Sneako calls out sponsored gambling streams, claims they are staged


Controversial Rumble star Nico “Sneako” has called out sponsored gambling streams on major platforms, stating that the jackpots content creators win are staged to entice viewers to sign up. Betting on casino games, such as Slots and roulette on stream, is a highly contentious topic that has divided the content creation industry for some time.

Last year, Twitch decided to severely restrict gambling on their website after widespread backlash. Big names like Pokimane and Mizkif have since debated the issue with gambling streamers such as xQc and Trainwreckstv.

Sneako has now also spoken out against sponsored streaming via a post on X (formerly Twitter), claiming that the jackpots content creators win on camera are staged:

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“All the jackpots you see on gambling streams are fake and ghey [sic]”

According to him, streamers who lose money get bailed out, giving a false sense of security to viewers who stand to lose more while betting:

“The streamers all get bailed out when they lose. ‘If I sign up, I’ll become rich too!’ DUMBA**”

“He’s right”: Social media reacts to Sneako’s claim about gambling streams being fake

The post in question (Image via sneako/X)
The post in question (Image via sneako/X)

While platforms like Twitch are more targeted toward video games and IRL streaming, betting on streams has grown in popularity over the years. Slots even replaced Warzone in May 2022 to enter the top 10 most-watched categories on Twitch.

This popularity gave rise to dedicated gambling streamers such as Roshtein, who regularly pull thousands of viewers. As a natural consequence, big online casinos like Stake started sponsoring popular streamers, such as Adin Ross and xQc.

With the release of, backed by Stake, the issue has only become more complex, with many streamers joining the platform and opting to do sponsored gambling. Only recently, Nicholas “Nickmercs” joined Kick and revealed that he was buying a house outside the United States to be able to gamble on the platform.

Sneako, who has been called out by Adin Ross for criticizing Kick in the past, has gone viral after his recent post on X, with a lot of people agreeing with him. Many users stated that most sponsored streamers get money from the website, while others asked for more proof. Here are some general reactions:

Kick has received a lot of backlash because of the number of streamers who gamble on the website and for its connections to Stake. Earlier this month, the platform got into hot water after a streamer won a whopping $1.5 million after wagering about $1.5K.

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