Apple Vision Pro: This ‘travel’ feature lets you escape your chaotic life


So much has been made about the augmented reality aspects of Apple Vision Pro that it’s easy to forget it can also do virtual reality.

But lest you forget, some videos have emerged on X (formerly Twitter) showing off what Vision Pro can do in the realm of VR. User @M1Astra (who previously posted some neat videos of the device’s initial setup process) shared footage of a scenic, nature-based VR environment you can spend time in with Vision Pro.

There’s not much to say about this footage, really. The “Yosemite” environment is very pretty and looks like a nice place to escape to after a long day, but it’s certainly not the first time a VR headset has offered this functionality. After all, the much cheaper Meta Quest headsets offer similar experiences, though at a much lower resolution.

Still, it’s pretty cool and is a good reminder that Vision Pro is about much more than just overlaying some UI on top of your living room.

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