LinkedIn Announces New Ad Performance Measurement Updates


LinkedIn’s announced some new technical updates for its ad tools, including a new Conversions API, improved website actions tracking (via its Insight tag), and updates for Document Ads.

First off, on its Conversions API. LinkedIn’s rolling out a new way to track campaign performance, without the need for cookie tracking, which will provide more insight into the actions that users take in response to your LinkedIn ads.

As explained by LinkedIn:

“With Conversions API, you can choose between direct API integration and partner integration, offering flexibility for different situations. Use this capability to connect both your online and offline data to LinkedIn, allowing you to see how your campaigns influenced actions taken on your website, sales completed over the phone, or leads collected in-person at an event.”

So there are various options as to how you can use the new tracking tool to better measure your LinkedIn campaign performance, via direct integration or third-party tools.

LinkedIn says that its new Conversions API is “privacy-compliant and future-proof”, providing a better way to measure ad attribution, which will also adhere to advancing data privacy laws.

And in combination with its Insight Tag, LinkedIn says that the new API has already provided valuable insight for brands in the initial test pool.

It’s a more technical solution, but LinkedIn has tried to make it as easy to implement as possible, with a range of integrations facilitating simplified data connection.

You can learn more about LinkedIn’s Conversions API here.

LinkedIn’s new Website Actions option, meanwhile, aims to improve your campaign performance tracking, “without the need for complex event-tracking installations”.

“We’ve heard from marketers who grow frustrated with manually creating conversion rules and retargeting audiences for every page on their website. Website Actions saves time and boosts performance by seamlessly capturing actions based on CTAs, page visits, and data. This all happens automatically, without the hassle of additional on-site code.”

It’s another way to improve your data intake, in order to better measure LinkedIn ad performance, which will provide more insight for your planning.

LinkedIn says that early results from Website Actions users include a 33% CTR lift for Conversion Tracking campaigns, and a 31% CTR lift for Website Retargeting campaigns.

Finally, LinkedIn has announced some new additions for its Document Ads, which are one of its most popular ad formats.

Now, marketers using Document Ads will be able to implement retargeting, integrate new objectives, like website visits and website conversions, and include LAN distribution, in order to “unlock increased delivery and cost-efficiency”.

The options will provide more ways to utilize Document Ads, and track their performance, which could make it a more effective option for your LinkedIn promotions.

It’ll be interesting to see whether LinkedIn becomes a bigger consideration for marketers in the new year, with usage rising, as the broader social media landscape fragments, providing more opportunities to connect with professionals in variable contexts.

And with advancing targeting tools, and broadening discussion topics, there may well be more ways to utilize LinkedIn in your marketing efforts.

These new tools will help in improving performance and measurement.

You can learn more about LinkedIn’s latest ad updates here.

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