Milo J Taps Peso Pluma, Nicki Nicole on Debut LP ‘111’


His debut album, out Friday, follows the release of the rapper’s collaborative EP with Bizarrap, En Dormir Sin Madrid

Milo J is counting down the days until he drops his album 111. On Monday, the 16-year-old rap prodigy announced the track list for his upcoming LP, out Friday, which features the likes of Peso Pluma and Nicki Nicole.

The Mexican corridos musician joins Milo on “Una Bala,” Nicole is featured on “Alumbre,” Yahritza y Su Esencia performs on “Te Fui a Seguir,” and Argentine singer Yami Safdie joins him on “Carencias de Cordura.”

“Let’s kill it, king,” wrote Nicole in an Instagram post.
“We’re going in with everything,” commented Yahirza y Su Esencia.
“It’s a chill track list, friend,” joked Safdie.

Other tracks on the LP include “Sincérate,” “A1RE,” and “M.A.I.” Milo first announced the album on Nov. 1, shortly before joining Bizarrap onstage during the Latin Grammys to perform “Milo J: BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 57.”

Bizarrap — who collaborated with Milo J on five-track EP En Dormir Sin Madrid in October — commented “Track 6 is a worldwide hit,” referring to the song featuring Yahritza y Su Esencia.

Along with the collaborative EP with Biza, Milo J released four-track EP 511, and was featured on Nicole’s “Dispara.” He also dropped solo single “Rincón” in July. Milo’s biggest song arrived in February, when he joined Taiu on “Rara Vez,” which has garnered more than 380 million streams on Spotify.


111 Track List

1. “Tu Manía”
2. “Carencias de Cordura” feat. Yami Safdie
3. “M.A.I”
4. “Deseo Merder (Interludo)”
5. “Sincérate”
6. “Te Fui a Seguir” feat. Yahritza y Su Esencia
7. “Una Bala” feat. Peso Pluma
8. “Alumbre” feat. Nicki Nicole
9. “A1RE”

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