Watch Jimmy Fallon and Meghan Trainor Perform ‘Wrap Me Up’ on ‘Kimmel’


Having teamed up for a new Christmas song, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon and pop star Meghan Trainor performed their holiday duet live on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Monday night. In the catchy tune Fallon tries to guess what Trainor got him for Christmas, with the singer revealing that she is the gift. 

“It’s Christmas time, my dear/And we said no gifts this year/I got one question, if you’d let me/What did you get me?” sings Fallon to Trainor. “Is it a tie? An ugly sweater? Matching pajamas? So something better? Is it Boujee? Like Gucci? Man, I thought I had it.”

“No, baby, you’re lookin’ at it,” responds Trainor. 

The song debuted on Nov. 17, and has been climbing up the charts for the past two weeks. Fallon shared the story behind the single on his own show, on Nov. 13. Having always wanted to collaborate with Trainor, Fallon contacted the singer, who expressed interest in writing a holiday song. The late night host sent Trainor a voice memo with him rapping some ideas about wrapping up gifts. 

“I didn’t hear back from Meghan,” conceded Fallon, as the audience laughed.  A few weeks later, he received a call from Trainor who told him, “Hey, I took your idea and instead of ‘wrap it up,’ I made it into ‘wrap me up,’ like I’m the gift,” relayed Fallon.   

Fallon played a snippet of the song on the Tonight Show but saved the live debut for Kimmel’s late night show. “This song is a bop. The song is a banger,” he gushed while previewing the single on The Tonight Show. “This song eats. This song slaps.”


Trainor spoke to Rolling Stone in 2022 about staging her comeback, by returning to basics. “I stopped chasing radio and what I thought people wanted to hear and just wrote what I enjoyed,” she said. “I put my heart into each song. Sometimes my sad, broken heart and sometimes my happy, confident heart.”

Last Summer, Trainor and Spencer Sutherland released the single “Chicken Little,” which further demonstrated Trainor’s ability not to take herself very seriously.  “[Chicken Little] is a song about looking in the mirror and laughing because everything is going to be ok and also not ok!” explained Sutherland. “I am so honored to have Queen Meghan Trainor on this song. She adds so much glitter and talent to this track, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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