LinkedIn Adds Tools To Help Healthcare Workers Find the Right Job


LinkedIn’s added some new tools to help health professionals find the right role, including updated job search filters, job preferences, skills highlights, and more.

First off, LinkedIn’s added additional ways to hone in job searches in the health sector.

As per LinkedIn:

Now, when you search for nursing positions on LinkedIn, you can fine tune your results to better match your qualifications and preferences. We’ve added new job search filters for Specialty, Shift, Schedule and License that appear when you search for a nursing job.”

LinkedIn healthcare

You can now also set additional job preferences when you switch on Open to Work on your Profile, in order to better highlight to Recruiters what you’re looking for in your next role.

LinkedIn healthcare

LinkedIn’s also added additional “Top Skills” highlights on profiles, with more than 65 new nursing Credentials, and 35 new skills, including “Pediatrics & Neonatal”, “Hospice & Palliative Care”, “Home Health”, and more.

Skills can also be tagged in your “Experience” section, in order to better highlight how each job/skill relates.

LinkedIn healthcare

The new tools will help to better facilitate job discovery in the health sector, which LinkedIn says has seen significant growth of late.

LinkedIn says that more than 3 million nurses in the U.S. are now using the platform to grow their careers, while every minute, two nurses apply for a job in the app, underlining the potential of these new options.

And while these updates are health-specific, LinkedIn will likely look to expand these tools to other sectors in future.

You can learn more about LinkedIn’s health sector updates here.

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