Mike Perry shares the only reason why he wants to fight Jake Paul; reacts to less hype around Andre August bout


Mike Perry recently opened up about potentially fighting Jake Paul at some point in his career. Perry explained that while many pursue a fight against Paul for the money he brings, the former UFC star is more interested in trimming the YouTuber’s ego and sense of pride.

It’s no secret that Jake Paul and his elder brother, Logan Paul, have made waves in the combat sports community. While ‘The Problem Child’ has successfully established himself in the boxing world, ‘The Maverick’ is the reigning WWE United States Champion and is widely known for his incredible athletic prowess.

The younger Paul sibling has a professional boxing record of 7-1 and has beaten high-profile former UFC fighters like Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Nate Diaz. Given his stardom, the YouTuber has earned himself a reputation as a big-money opponent and is often linked to well-known combat sports personalities.

While speaking with Dylan Bowker of Sportskeeda MMA, Mike Perry outlined why he isn’t interested in fighting Jake Paul for the money. Stating that he’s hoping to fight the YouTuber to give him a taste of humble pie, he said:

“It’s a fight that I bet a lot of fighters are interested in getting. Maybe they are interested in it for the money aspect of fighting a Paul, but I’m interested in deflating the egos that they have, they think they’re so special in this fighting game. I’ve been in this for a long time. I pride myself on it… Obviously, they have to work their way up in different ways.”

Mike Perry reacts to Jake Paul vs. Andre August boxing match in December

In the same interview, Mike Perry weighed in on the upcoming Jake Paul vs. Andre August boxing match. ‘Platinum’ stated that he was excited to see the YouTuber-turned-boxer face a lesser-known opponent in a smaller venue.

Earlier this month, Paul revealed that he would be returning to the boxing ring against August on December 15 at the Caribe Royal Hotel in Orlando, Florida. This bout will mark Paul’s first outing that won’t be broadcast on pay-per-view. His 35-year-old American opponent has a professional record of 10-1-1.

Speaking with Bowker, Mike Perry discussed the Jake Paul vs. Andre August bout and said:

“I’m excited to see Jake [Paul] go up against this boxer and at a smaller venue where it’s more about the fight. He loves to box, so it’s great for him. Let’s see where it goes.”

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