Samsung hikes smartphone camera prices as market rebounds


According to industry sources close to a Chinese media outlet, Samsung has notified its hardware partners about CIS (Camera Image Sensors) component price increases. Starting next year, the Korean tech giant is bumping up the prices of some components by 25% and others by up to 30%.

Samsung is increasing camera component prices amid smartphone market rebound

Samsung is one of the world’s biggest CMOS sensor manufacturers and for the first time in two years, the Korean firm is seeing a spike in orders. The global smartphone market was rather sluggish, to say the least, for the past two years and it’s now finally picking up steam, hence why Samsung feels confident enough to increase prices.

The report also says the price hike mainly affects high-resolution sensors, 32MP and above. It remains to be seen whether the change will significantly impact smartphone prices in general and Samsung’s very own handsets.


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