CM Punk’s RAW promo “absolutely s*cked,” ex-WWE star says


CM Punk cut his first WWE promo in almost 10 years on the November 27 episode of RAW. Lots of people have had their say about The Best in the World’s show-closing remarks, including his former WWE rival Ryback.

Punk surprisingly returned to WWE at Saturday’s Survivor Series: WarGames event in his hometown of Chicago. On Monday’s RAW in Nashville, the polarizing star claimed he has changed since the last time he worked for the company. He also described WWE as “home.”

Ryback has taken several digs at Punk in recent weeks on social media, often referring to him as “Fragile Phil.” In a new video on X, the former Intercontinental Champion gave his brutally honest thoughts on Punk’s WWE return:

“I’m here to tell you that CM Punk promo on Monday Night RAW absolutely s*cked,” Ryback said. “First of all, the pops are not quite nearly the same when you’re not in your hometown of Chicago. Ain’t that right, Fragile Phil? The manchild, best known for his Pipebomb promo, which, by the way, was all scripted, for all you little neckbeard Nancy negative marks out there, just completely bombed.”

Ryback added that anyone who calls WWE “home” must be “mentally fried.” He also speculated that a higher-up likely wrote the promo for Punk.

Ryback claims CM Punk “needs the money”

Later on in his RAW promo, CM Punk said he is a “feared man” in the wrestling industry. The former UFC fighter also revealed he returned to WWE to make money, not friends.

Referencing Punk’s failure to win any of his two mixed martial arts fights, Ryback posted a picture of The Straight Edge Superstar in the UFC. He went on to allege that his former opponent only returned to WWE for financial reasons:

“Most feared man?” Ryback continued. “Huh? Huh? If you got into an altercation with a 12-year-old, I’m putting everything I got on the 12-year-old! At least he was clear on one thing, though, and that’s he’s broke, and he doesn’t have the money. He needs the money, and he tucked his tail between his legs, and he went back to the one place that fired him on his wedding day [laughs].”

Ryback’s issues with Punk stem from the latter’s infamous appearance on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast in 2014. Punk claimed The Big Guy was an unsafe wrestler who “took 20 years” off his career.

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