Bill Apter explains why Roman Reigns is the biggest star in WWE despite recent returns (Exclusive)


Despite being away from the active scene for long stretches, Roman Reigns is still the biggest attraction in WWE, according to the legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter.

The Tribal Chief appears on screen very sparingly and defends his title even less. However, there is no denying that the atmosphere shifts whenever he makes an appearance. His contributions to the company are also nothing to be scoffed at, as The Bloodline story is considered to be one of the best storylines in WWE yet.

Speaking on an episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s UnSKripted podcast this week, Bill Apter explained the reason behind Roman Reigns’ top-tier status despite his absence.

“Well, they talk about him all the time on both shows. So, he is there in terms of mentality of the product. He is still there. So, when he comes back, it’s a special attraction. (…) They always had a face of the company, but I think now in the past few years that rather than depending upon that ‘guy,’ that person like a Hulk Hogan or Randy Savage or Bret Hart to be the face of the company, they want this to be an all-encompassing company that everybody is out there, so to say,” Bill Apter said. [25:42 – 27:36]

You can watch the entire podcast below:


The last time Roman Reigns fought inside the ring, he took down LA Knight at Crown Jewel 2023 and retained his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. As of now, what is next for him remains to be seen.

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