Smart vibe Lioness drops year-end orgasm data in Pleasure Wrapped


By now, you’ve likely explored your Spotify Wrapped, the annual packaging of all our music data into end-of-year graphics and superlatives. Given Wrapped’s popularity, other industries have taken a cue from Spotify to release their own version. Today, smart vibrator brand Lioness releases Pleasure Wrapped, a compilation of orgasm data in the last year from Lioness users around the world.

Lioness works by using biofeedback sensors and AI to measure climax data through involuntary pelvic floor contractions, the company explained in its press release. Anyone who owns the Lioness Biofeedback Vibrator can see their own data within the Lioness app, and there’s an option to opt-in to share your data with researchers. Here’s what Lioness uncovered with this research in Pleasure Wrapped:

How long “O”s typically last

In the past year, orgasms lasted 24.01 seconds on average. This aligns with a nearly 40-year-old study of orgasm in women; according to that research, the average duration of a woman’s orgasm was 26 seconds.

The average masturbation time was five minutes and nine seconds, Lioness reported, and the average time to reach the first orgasm was four minutes and 19 seconds.

graph showing average masturbation session length and time to orgasm

Lioness measured how long it took its users to orgasm.
Credit: Lioness

Popular sesh times

Lioness fans seem to use the vibe as an end-of-weekend treat, as Sundays were the most popular days to use it. Tuesdays, meanwhile, were the most unpopular day this year; in fact, activity dipped the most during midweek (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday). Nine p.m. was the most popular time, and 3 a.m. the least.

graph showing total amount of masturbation

Here are the most and least popular hours, days, and months to use Lioness.
Credit: Lioness

A different kind of holiday cheer

With the holidays approaching, Lioness says it was curious about which festive days were the most popular to use the vibe. Turns out that most activity occurred on New Year’s Day. Thanksgiving was also popular (assuming one can do any sort of physical activity after dinner), followed by Groundhog Day (maybe with the hope that it’d occur again and again?).

graph showing new year's day, thanksgiving, and groundhog day as most popular holidays to use lioness

New Year’s Day took the top spot for holidays the Lioness was used.
Credit: Lioness

Rev your motors

Finally, Lioness released data about users’ preferred motor strength — and surprisingly, most (35.9 percent) used the Lioness with the motor off. Lioness’s hypothesis is that people are using other toys to provide their preferred sensation while using the Lioness to measure their orgasms. The Lioness does have an internal component, so users may prefer to use that on its own.

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The second most popular motor speed was 30 percent (28.5 percent of users preferred this).

graph showing motor strength preference

Most Lioness users actually prefer the motor to be off.
Credit: Lioness

“We are presenting this [orgasm] data in a way that has never been done before and we’re really excited to share it with the world,” co-founder and CEO of Lioness Anna Lee said in the press release. “We like to say ‘knowledge is pleasure’ and we see an opportunity with this yearly collection of ‘O’ data to see pleasure in a different light and to give people with vulvas their stage to do it for science.”

If you yourself own a Lioness toy, you can check out your personalized Pleasure Wrapped within the app. Otherwise, check out these and other findings at Lioness’s Pleasure Wrapped.

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