Dana White opens up on working with CM Punk in UFC following blockbuster WWE return


CM Punk’s return to WWE at Survivor Series: WarGames surprised many. While The Voice of the Voiceless has been termed as a difficult person to deal with, Dana White thinks otherwise.

Punk walked into WWE just months after being fired from AEW. He closed Survivor Series: WarGames without uttering a word, but he ‘got under a few superstars’ skin backstage.

Many know The Best in the World has heat with several WWE Superstars and other staff. However, Dana White seems to be on great terms with CM Punk.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, White recalled how Punk is one of the easiest people he’s ever dealt with. He added that he has had a great relationship with the WWE star since the day they met.

“He’s one of the easiest people I’ve ever dealt with,” Dana White said. “I’ve had nothing but a great relationship with him since the day we met.”

The UFC President added that he got in touch with CM Punk after he made his return to WWE. He congratulated him for being back where he belongs:

“I texted him that night after he walked out in Chicago,” said White. “It was amazing. I texted and congratulated him, it was incredible.”

White and Punk seem to have a good relationship and mutual respect. It would be great to see The Best in the World be on his best behavior during his current run with the company so he can earn even more respect.

CM Punk broke his silence on the latest edition of WWE RAW

Following his appearance at Survivor Series: WarGames, CM Punk showed up in the final moments of the latest edition of RAW. He cut a promo that did not do much to get fans going.

His promo was watered down, and he didn’t have much to say upon his return. One thing was clear: he did not want to talk much about his former employer, AEW.

It’ll be interesting to see who The Best in the World feuds with first following his return. Seth Rollins could become his first victory. Some big names on RAW and SmackDown can put on a great show with him.

Are you excited to see Punk back in the Stamford-based promotion? Sound off in the comments section below.

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