Ellie Gonsalves sent message to husband after kids post


He didn’t know this was what to expect when his wife wasn’t expecting.

On Nov. 26, Australian model Ellie Gonsalves, 33, created a firestorm when she posted a list of 117 reasons why she doesn’t want to have children on Instagram.

Her husband, Ross Scutts, 36, did not remain unscathed.

“I’ve gotten DMs from strangers, people saying, ‘It’s not too late to divorce your wife,’” he told The Post.

“I get that you might be like, ‘The list is shallow or vain in some points,’ but there’s a reason for what led her to create it and it was that she was sick and tired of, after she’d answered the question, people not accepting her response.”

Scutts, who manages Gonsalves’ business, said his other half received the brunt of the backlash.

“‘You should die,’ ‘You don’t deserve to be on his earth,’ ‘You’re gonna burn in hell,’ ‘she’s ‘a disgrace to women,’ those sort of things,” he said.

On Thursday, Ellie Gonsalves posted the list in full, now with 178 reasons, after receiving so many messages asking to see the entire thing. Courtesy of Ross Scutts
Gonsalves, a native of Australia, made a name for herself in the States after she starred in a 2017 Super Bowl commercial. Courtesy of Ross Scutts

“Finding her email and . . . telling her how awful she is.”

The model — who made a name for herself in the U.S. during a 2017 Super Bowl commercial for Yellow Tail where she donned a white bikini — wrote the No. 1 reason for remaining childless is because “They are your responsibility until you die.”

Scutts agreed with many. “Like being bullied in school and how you would deal with that as a parent. That’s something that I would personally struggle with,” he said.

Gonsalves, 33, originally shared the list on her Instagram story, and Scutts found out about it after it had already gone up. “And I’m straight away thinking, ‘S–t, what has she done?’ And then my heart sunk because I thought, ‘She’s just gonna get attacked for this.’” Courtesy of Ross Scutts
Gonsalves posted a list of reasons why she doesn’t want to have children and her husband, Ross Scutts, got DMs from strangers about it. Courtesy of Ross Scutts

The couple, who tied the knot in March and have been together for 15 years, decided they didn’t want children eight years ago.

Scutts explained what happens when the pair gets asked whether or not they are having them.

“We look at each other in the eye and we’re like, ‘F–k, OK, which direction do we take this conversation?’”

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