Holly Humberstone and MUNA Share Updated ‘Into Your Room’ Recording


The original record appeared on Holly Humberstone’s recently released debut album, Paint My Bedroom Black

Holly Humberstone‘s toxic devotion on “Into Your Room” gets a stamp of validation from Muna on an updated, collaborative recording of the Paint My Bedroom Black single. The British singer and songwriter recruited the three-piece band to bring the weight of their own emotional baggage to the studio.

The trio took over the second verse of the record, singing: “I’m throwing stones at your window/To get you to notice me/Don’t make me stand outsidе, in the pouring rain/With a freshly ripped human hеart from my rib cage/And a boom-box/How pathetic, babe.” On the chorus, alongside Humberstone, they all reach the same conclusion: “Without you, my soul is eternally doomed.”

Humberstone first began teasing her team-up with Muna earlier this week. In an Instagram post, she wrote: “The rumours are true !! my friends and the greatest band in the world @whereismuna have jumped on a new version of ‘into your room’ out this friday dec 1st !! it’s so sick and we all love how it came out.”

“I’m obsessed with MUNA and have been wanting to work with them for ages; I’m so thankful that I finally get to have them bring their magic to one of my songs,” she added in a statement. Muna continued: “Holly is such a talented artist and we have been so impressed by her songwriting and musicianship for a long time now…we were so stoked when her record came out a few months ago so it was a total delight to be able to get to put our little spin on ‘Into Your Room.’”


Paint My Bedroom Black arrived in October as Humberstone’s long-awaited debut album. “Writing sessions are so scary,” she told Rolling Stone about adjusting to the creative process of these collaborative spaces, particularly with the help of her longtime producer Rob Milton. “It’s middle-aged man after middle-aged man after middle-aged man that have all written all these amazing songs, and you’re just like, ‘I’ve got to fucking prove myself to all these dudes that I have nothing in common with.’”

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