$49,700,000 center Dylan Cozens slams Buffalo Sabres power-play unit


Buffalo Sabres center Dylan Cozens didn’t mince words after the team’s disappointing 6-2 defeat against the Carolina Hurricanes, highlighting the glaring issues with the Sabres’ performance.

Cozens, who recently inked a hefty seven-year, $49,700,000 contract with the team on Feb. 7, 2023, voiced his frustration, particularly targeting the team’s power-play unit. According to an article by Mike Harrington from The Buffalo News:

“I think we definitely play way too soft. We’re too easy to play against, and we need to get a little ‘FU’ in our game,” Cozens declared. “We need to go in and look at each game like this is our game. ‘This is our game to win. We’re not going to give you guys a chance.”

Cozens continued, emphasizing the need for a more aggressive and assertive style of play.

“We need to finish more checks, be harder to play against, stronger on puck battles,” the 22-year-old added. “We need to kill plays in the defensive zone. We’ve got to be way harder to play against.”

The young center acknowledged his own role in the team’s struggles, adding:

“I know it starts with me, and I need to be way better to help turn things around.”

With the Sabres currently sitting at 10-12-2 and slipping in the standings, Cozens’ call for a more robust and determined approach becomes increasingly pertinent.

As the team grapples with multiple challenges, including key injuries and a lackluster power-play performance, the pressure is on the Sabres to heed Dylan Cozens’ words and find a way to reverse their fortunes before the season slips away.

Dylan Cozens’ NHL Journey: From memorable moments to a breakout season with the Buffalo Sabres

In the current NHL season, Dylan Cozens has emerged as a key player for the Buffalo Sabres, showcasing his scoring prowess and contributing to crucial victories.

With four goals and seven assists in 22 games, he has secured 11 points, highlighting his offensive impact. Cozens authored a memorable moment in his early NHL career with a game-winning goal 12 seconds into overtime against the New York Islanders on Jan. 19, 2023.

His breakout season continued with a first NHL hat trick and a four-point game against the Washington Capitals on Feb. 26. At just 22 years and 17 days, Dylan Cozens became the youngest player since Jack Eichel to score three goals in a game for the Sabres.

From being the No. 7 pick in the 2019 NHL Draft to his current standout performances, Cozens has proven to be a vital part of Buffalo’s future.

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