Big Thief’s Adrianne Lenker Drops Lovesick Lullaby ‘Ruined’


“This song has been a quiet beacon for me,” Big Thief singer says

2024 will be Adrianne Lenker‘s year. The singer-songwriter has previewed her new solo album with the lovesick single “Ruined.”

The track is sparse, with the lightest of instrumentation to best showcase Lenker’s silky, unwavering vocals: “Can’t get enough of you/You come around I’m ruined.” The accompanying clip, directed by her brother Noah, features the singer immersed in nature. She walks amongst trees, a riverbed, and dances in a field with her partner. Check it out below.

“This song has been a quiet beacon for me,” Lenker said in a statement. “It may contain the essence of the gift of romantic love, but it’s mostly about something much bigger.”

“Ruined” is the first taste of Lenker’s solo album, due next year; its title and date have yet to be announced. The LP will follow her powerful pair of pandemic-era records, Songs and Instrumentals — released in the fall of 2020 — and Big Thief‘s lengthy 2022 double gut-punch Dragon New Warm Mountain I Believe In You.


“We’re part of the machine, and I haven’t figured it out yet,” Lenker told Rolling Stone in an interview pegged to Dragon‘s release. “But I want to change things from the inside out. I want to help cultivate a different climate within the industry, or within the music or art world, in some way….It’s a male-dominated, white-supremacist industry, and I’d like to carve out spaces where people aren’t being pigeonholed because of their gender, their color, their sexual orientation. It’s enough to work on for your whole life, and I still don’t even know the half of it.”

In January, Lenker will teach an online songwriting workshop via School of Song. After her appearance at Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee, in March, she’ll head to the U.K. for a spring tour. Hopefully, U.S. dates will follow.

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