PlayStation Network users claim they’re getting banned for no reason


Better boot up your PS5 right now and make sure everything is OK.

That’s because a not-insignificant number of people online are claiming that their PlayStation Network accounts have been permanently banned without any reason given, per The Verge. Users on Reddit and X (formerly Twitter) have posted screenshots as proof of the bans, with X user @michaeldhaliwal sharing screenshots of a chat with PlayStation Support that didn’t offer anything in the way of actual support.

The only reason given is a vague “you violated the PSN terms of service” message, which is a surprise given that, at least in that one instance, the user claims he doesn’t even interact with other people on PSN all that much. Sony has yet to comment on this publicly via the North American PlayStation support account on X (or anywhere else).

If this is a real thing and people are indeed being banned by mistake, that’d be a pretty serious misstep by Sony. Some of these folks might have at least a decade’s worth of digital purchases tied to their accounts that they may not be able to access anymore after being banned. Hopefully Sony is able to figure out the problem and reverse the bans in short order.

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