Snapchat Launches First Virtual Make-Up Drop, as it Looks to Expand Bitmoji Promotions


Snapchat’s looking to take the next steps into virtual fashion, with its first-ever Bitmoji make-up drop, which will enable Snap users to adorn their Bitmoji characters with the latest lipstick from e.l.f.

Snapchat Bitmoji Beauty Drop

As you can see in this example, you can now style your cartoonish avatar with new make-up, giving it a fresh look with the latest from e.l.f.

Which seems a little odd as a promotional exercise, right? I mean, seeing what a lipstick looks like on a Bitmoji version of yourself is nothing like what it would actually look like on your real lips.


Even so, there could be significant value there, especially when you also consider the broader metaverse shift, which, at least in theory, will put more and more emphasis on digital avatars as a means to connect and represent ourselves online.

Already, Snap has facilitated a range of Bitmoji clothing drops, which enable users to dress their characters up in the styles that they like. According to Snap, there are now over a trillion possible outfit combinations available for Bitmoji characters, “creating endless opportunities for your digital wardrobe”

And that can indeed have an impact on real-world purchases. Snap also says that 74% of Snapchatters style their Bitmoji in the same brands that they wear in real life.

It stands to reason, then, that seeing yourself in these digital versions of products can reflect actual shopping intent, and likely behavior as a result.

Maybe that’ll extend to make-up looks too, which could actually make this a valuable, engaging activation, and a future consideration for more beauty releases. You can bet that other beauty brands will be paying attention either way, with a view to how Bitmoji activations can represent their next releases.

Snap says that users will be able to try out eleven different shades of e.l.f.’s “O FACE Satin Lipstick”, both on their Bitmoji avatar and on their own lips, via an additional Try On Lens experience. Users will then also be able to purchase the product in-stream, via dedicated Bitmoji drop link.

It’s an interesting consideration, and an interesting angle for Snap, which is looking to encourage Bitmoji use as a possible link into the next stage of digital connection.

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