Geddy Lee Unearths Solo Tracks Nearly 25 Years After Album Release


My Favorite Headache-era “Gone” and “I Am…You Are” were left on the cutting room floor

Following the release of his excellent memoir My Effin’ Life, Geddy Lee continues to dig through the past by dusting off two solo tracks: “Gone” and “I Am…You Are.”

Left on the cutting room floor during the making of his 2000 debut (and currently only) solo album My Favorite Headache, the pair of songs are released under The Lost Demos. “Gone,” which you can hear above, is a slow-burning rocker that — despite being written nearly 25 years ago — feels appropriate following the death of his beloved bandmate Neil Peart. Meanwhile, “I Am…You Are” is hypnotic and pulsating with energy. Check it out below.


My Favorite Headache, released in November 2000, features Lee as co-producer alongside Ben Mink; Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron appears on drums. “I’m excited to see these two ‘lost demos’ released,” Lee said in a statement. “I loved the songs when they were written and in some ways they feel as fresh and perhaps more relevant all these years later.”

Lee is currently promoting his memoir on tour, while his four-part docuseries Geddy Lee Asks: Are Bass Players Human Too? is out now on Paramount Plus. Hear his recent interview with Brian Hiatt on the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, where he discusses getting high during Peart’s drum solos and ponders Rush‘s future (a.k.a. touring with guitarist Alex Lifeson).

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