Some History of the Myaamia People


Some History of the Myaamia People

In this episode of Ben Franklin’s World, Diane Hunter and John Bickers join us to investigate the history and culture of one of the Myaamia (Miami) people, one of the at least 1,000 Algonquian speaking Indigenous tribes and nations living in different areas of North America before the Spanish and other European empires arrived on the continent’s shores.

During our investigation, John Bickers, an assistant professor of History at Cae Western Reserve University, and Diane Hunter, the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma at the time of recording, reveal what we know about the history and origins of the Myaamia people before European contact; Details about the Myaamia’s ancestral homelands and the different elements that make up Myaamia culture and identity; And, how contact with Europeans and Americans has altered Myaamia culture and their relationship with their ancestral homelands.‌

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