Ashley Nicole Moss calls out spam d**k pics from NBA Twitter in response to rude comments about her ears: “They’re drastically bigger”


Ashley Nicole Moss, the co-host of I AM ATHLETE’s “Paper Route” show, recently went back and forth with NBA fans. Although unclear what sparked the exchange, some NBA Twitter users apparently began sending Moss unsolicited explicit pictures. At the same time, she also fielded criticism about her physical appearance.

As she disclosed on social media, she has been on the butt-end of jokes because of her ears. While it’s unclear what prompted fans to joke about the Forbes 30 Under 30 standout’s appearance, she fired back with a scathing response.

Rather than just simply calling out her critics and trolls, Moss shed light on some of the DMs she’s gotten while taking a dig at her haters. In response to the unsolicited explicit pictures and the jokes that have been made about her ears, Ashley Nicole Moss wrote:

“The comments about ears don’t move me at all. I have my dad’s ears. They’re cute. I’m cute. And luckily … they’re drastically bigger than the vertically stunted body parts y’all DM me.”

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Who Is Ashley Nicole Moss?

Once word got out that people were making jokes about her appearance and the explicit photos she was sent crossed the line, many rushed to Moss’ defense. But just who is the “Paper Route” co-host, and how did she get her start in the sports industry?

Ashley Nicole Moss has hosted the “Laces Out” web series and “Certified Buckets” podcast. In addition, she has also notably worked for Sports Illustrated, with her work being showcased on one of the biggest platforms in the world.

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Moss explained in an interview with Essence earlier this year that her father got her into sports. After being taken to auditions and thrown into the film industry at a young age, Moss had no problem being in front of the camera. As such, she thrived in the sports industry, dishing out takes and debating peers.

“My dad was my introduction to sports,” Moss said. “He’s a huge sports fan, and I would watch games with him just for bonding and entertainment purposes, but it wasn’t until high school where I really developed an interest for the logistics of the game – like trades, storylines, actual plays, things like that.

“That, combined with my love of writing and my love of debate – I love a good debate – made me be like, “You know what? This is a career path for me.”

Through her time in the industry, she has made many friends and connections. In response to her post aimed at NBA social media users, popular analyst Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson and other industry reporters supported Ashley Nicole Moss.

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