Best dating apps for women to fall in love (or hook up) in 2023


Note: As of Dec. 7, we are temporarily pulling our recommendation for Feeld due to bugs with their recent app update which caused users’ exact locations to be shared and deleted the accounts of other users without reason. You can learn more about these issues, along with others that occurred due to the update, from Mashable’s Anna Iovine. We take safety very seriously when making our recommendations, and will revaluate Feeld’s place on our list if and when they resolve these issues.

Who it’s for:

Feeld is a modern, inclusive dating app designed for people interested in exploring their sexuality and embracing consensual non-monogamy. It’s an app to try if your experience with finding a threesome (or more-some) hasn’t gone so smoothly on Tinder, or if you don’t want non-monogamy to feel like a dropped bomb at all.

This safe space caters to diverse identities, including the queer community, non-binary users, or just anyone who feels like they don’t vibe with the mainstream mold seen on other dating apps.

Why we picked this:

Feeld refers to itself as the dating app for the curious, which could mean literally anything. And that’s exactly it: The way that Feeld fosters the safe expression of “literally anything” when it comes it relationship goals is such a breath of fresh air.

This open-minded community has more than 20 sexual and gender identities to choose from and profiles have a spot for listing your desires. Polyamory, consensual non-monogamy, homo- and heteroflexibility, pansexuality, asexuality, aromanticism, voyeurism, and kink are all options here, making it way easier to find compatible matches. Partners can also pair their profiles, making it easy for users to find a couple and/or search as a couple.

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