Best free online courses from MIT


TL;DR: A wide range online courses from MIT are available to take for free on edX.

edX is a popular online learning platform offering access to a wide range of courses on just about every topic you can imagine. And most of these online courses are delivered by famous institutions like MIT.

This could be your chance to become a student of MIT without leaving the comfort of your own home.

We’ve checked out everything on offer from MIT, and lined up a selection of standout options that you can take for free. You can find free online courses on things like Python, machine learning, business, and much more. That’s a pretty good deal.

These are the best free online courses from MIT this month:

These free courses do not come with a certificate of completion, but that’s the only real downside. You can still learn at your own pace with unrestricted access to all the course materials. And if you really want something to stick on your wall, you have the option to upgrade for a small fee.

Find the best free online courses from MIT on edX.

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