Pink Shares ‘All Out of Fight’ Music Video From ‘Trustfall’ Deluxe


The song appears on the recently released extended album Trustfall (Tour Deluxe Edition)

Love and loss weave a heartbreaking tale in the video for Pink‘s latest single, “All Out of Fight.” The singer herself is absent from the visual, apart from her voice providing the backing soundtrack for an adventurous couple whose idyllic explorations are disrupted by sudden illness.

In the video, the couple embarks on a search for hidden crystals and other artifacts that reflect light. Back at home, not too far from the mountains and wide expanses of land that they spend their time exploring, the woman collapses onto the floor of their living room. Rushed to the hospital, she receives a grim prognosis. They try to maintain some semblance of normalcy as she undergoes treatment, but their love is living on borrowed time.

“I’m all out of fight/My heart will always know your name/I’m all out of love/But look at all the love we made,” Pink sings on the chorus. “I’m all out of life/Oh, babe, it’s killing me to say/I’m all out of love, I’m all out of life.” The only thing that remains in this absence is light. Even as her health deteriorates, the woman musters up the strength to create a moving light show with the findings uncovered by her great explorations with her great love.


“All Out of Fight” appears on the recently released extended album Trustfall (Tour Deluxe Edition). It arrived as one of three new original recordings, alongside the tracks “Irrelevant” and “Dreaming,” and six live recordings captured on the tour Pink completed in support of Trustfall.

Pink recently announced the return of her Summer Carnival tour in North America. Next year, the singer will perform 17 shows with special guest Sheryl Crow and additional support from The Script and KidCutUp.

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