20 jobs in jeopardy due to AI, according to new study. Is yours on the list?


The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) tools, and the large language models (LLMs) that underpin them, have been alarming anti-AI advocates, particularly as ChatGPT — and its ilk — skyrocketed in popularity this year.

A new study conducted by the UK Department of Education implies that the fearful cries of “Ah, AI is coming after our jobs!” are, indeed, sound. According to the lead investigators, up to 30% of jobs can be automated with AI.

Which jobs are in trouble due to AI?

As AI usage becomes more prevalent, the study discovered that the most affected jobs are in finance, law, business, management roles, and clerical work.

Below, take a look at the specific jobs that are in jeopardy.

  1. Business analysts and management consultants

  2. Financial managers and directors

  3. Charted and certified accountants

  4. Psychologists

  5. Purchasing managers and directors

  6. Economists, statisticians, actuaries

  7. Business and financial project management professionals

  8. Finance and investment analysts, advisors

  9. Legal professionals

  10. Business and related associate professionals

  11. Credit controllers

  12. Solicitors

  13. Civil engineers

  14. Education advisors and school inspectors

  15. HR and administrative occupations

  16. Business, research, and administrative professionals

  17. Financial account managers

  18. Bookkeepers, payroll managers, and wages clerks

  19. National government administrative occupations

  20. Marketing associate professionals

The study also delved into professions that will be least affected by AI, including athletes, roofers, elementary construction occupations, plasterers, steel erectors, and vehicle cleaners.

Interested in taking a deeper dive into this study? Check out “The Impact of AI on UK Jobs and Training.”

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