LifeStraw Personal Water Filters Just $9.88 on Amazon (Stocking Stuffers for the Adventurers in Your Life!)


Hand holding a blue LifeStraw personal water filter near water, outdoors

Amazon will prepare you for all of life’s journeys!

For a limited time, hurry over to Amazon, Target, or Walmart where you can score 50% off LifeStraw Personal Water Filters!

These travel-friendly straw water filters are designed to make contaminated water safe to drink and prevent most waterborne diseases by removing 99% of bacteria (like E.coli), parasites (like Giardia and Cryptosporidium), and microplastics. They allow you to drink directly from lakes, rivers, and streams, so add these to your camping gear and emergency preparedness kit!

Each straw will last for up to 5 years with proper use and maintenance, and they have an unlimited shelf life – that means you can stock up NOW while they’re on sale. 🙌🏼

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man using lifestraw in jar of water

Sound too good to be true? Take it from these reviews…

I’ve used these straws for years. I’ve used them for backpacking, fishing, hunting, and survival. These things are awesome! Though drinking from the straw can be a little hard. It definitely beats being thirsty/dehydrated when you need it most. I keep 2 in my truck just in case of emergency.

These are a MUST have! Whether you are a hiker, or have them in your emergency supplies… These things are a must. They work so well, and have such a long shelf life. Definitely makes me feel better having these in our closet in case of an emergency.

There’s no guarantee you’ll have access to clean water or be able to boil water in an emergency, especially if you’re away from home. We keep one of these in our vehicle and another two at home. This product will give you peace of mind and can potentially save your life or someone else’s in an emergency.

Highly recommended for a survival kit, road trip, camping trip, etc.

Go camping in style with this fun idea!

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