Tecno announces variable apperture, liquid lens periscope coming to Phantom X series


Tecno held its Future Lens event in Shanghai this week and showcased three innovative technologies that we’ll likely see in future Phantom X cameraphones.

The first is a unique variable aperture, which Tecno calls a W-shaped adjustable aperture. It’s inspired by the eye of a cuttlefish and is designed to eliminate glare in harsh lighting conditions, like in strong backlight.

It’s a unique approach and we can’t wait to see what sensor and lens combo Tecno puts the W-shaped shutter in front of. Here’s a demonstration of the shutter in action.

Tecno also showed off the industry’s first liquid telephoto macro lens. We’ve seen liquid lens tech before, but we’ve never seen it in a periscope module. Periscopes are big and it’s a challenge to achieve macro focusing within the traditional two-section housing.

Tecno announces variable apperture, liquid lens periscope coming to Phantom X series

Tecno’s approach uses voltage to adjust the lens curvature, thus dynamically adapting it from long to narrow, achieving 5cm macro focusing. Tecno says that the liquid lens design allows a large sensor to be used.

Most phones use their ultrawide cameras for macro abilities. But their wider perspective brings a lot of distortion to images. Using a longer focal length, like in this case with a periscope zoom, is the way to true macro photography.

Tecno also once again detailed its Universal Tone technology. It uses three AI-powered engines to perfect skin tones in photos. The Multi-Skin Tone Restoration Engine calibrates and adjusts skin tones using a color spectral matrix, that’s based on skin color chromatic research.

The Local-Tuning Engine identifies people within an environment and plays around with tone mapping for a more striking image. Finally, the Computational Portrait Engine finishes it all with a pleasing aesthetic.

Tecno didn’t say which future products will get to pioneer the liquid lens and W-shaped aperture, but we’d put our money on the Phantom X cameraphone series. Hopefully, we’ll get to see these innovations as soon as the Mobile World Congress early next year.

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