Adin Ross reiterates being part of GTA 6, talks more about his role


Controversial Kick streamer Adin Ross recently doubled down on his claim to be part of GTA 6. Shortly after the trailer was officially released, he had first made the claim on X, formerly Twitter, as the hype around Rockstar Games’ upcoming Grand Theft Auto entry reached a fever pitch. In the post, the livestreamer claimed to have been given a role in the game slated to release in 2025.

Despite being more than a year away, GTA 6 has been a major topic of discussion in the gaming world, with fans of the franchise and gaming in general obsessing over the trailer that has already broken records. In a recent livestream on Kick, Adin Ross reiterated his claim about being part of the game and even revealed the supposed dates of subsequent trailers.

Adin stated that viewers will probably get to see his in-game character in the trailers that will drop during mid-year 2024:

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“Yeah, I will be in GTA 6 chat. I can’t speak on a lot of like ‘when’, but you’ll see me in the following trailers probably, beginning to mid next year.”

“You’ll see”: Amid speculation from viewers, Adin Ross claims he plays a role in GTA 6

Adin Ross has been part of a fair few scandals throughout his livestreaming career and is currently serving a permanent ban from Twitch. Despite that, he remains one of the most popular streamers on Kick, with tens of thousands of viewers regularly tuning in to view his streams.

However, his claim of being in GTA 6 has been met with a lot of skepticism. In the latest IRL stream, Ross doubled down on being part of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto entry, claiming that the game is inspired by his city, Miami:

“I saw people saying, ‘You shouldn’t be in it, you shouldn’t be in it.’ I mean, I am probably one of the most mainstream streamers of all time. And in this city, the game is based in Miami. You’ll see.”

Adin Ross further claimed that while his role in the game may not be very big, it is still substantial:

“I don’t play a big role in GTA 6, but I play a role where it’s like, ‘Oh shit!'”

The fans still had a mixed reaction to the Kick streamer’s words. With the clip of him making these claims going viral on social media, here are some of the reactions after Drama Alert posted it on their page.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is no doubt going to be a blockbuster release in 2025, especially considering how the trailer released this week broke all manner of records despite being leaked a day early on X.

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