Tyler Dunne blames Sean McDermott for Bills’ infamous meltdown against Chiefs in 2021, scapegoating Leslie Frazier for own incompetence


Sean McDermott, the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, has been in the news since yesterday due to his contentious speech about 9/11 that he used to inspire his team.

In a series of exclusive articles, Tyler Dunne talked about his interactions with former Bills players and coaches. Most of them emphasized how the head coach has been the main reason behind the team’s failure to win a Super Bowl. Dunne went into further detail about how Josh Allen‘s regression can be attributed to McDermott.

The Bills head coach faced a lot of criticism from people around the world for his coaching methods. Recently, Dunne talked about how the infamous 13-second loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional Round was all because of McDermott.

Here’s what Dunne said on The Herd with Colin Cowherd:

“I do think that was a moment for this team, if we look back at the Sean McDermott era, that might have been the moment that broke the team, because it’s one thing to just write it off as execution to the fans who are pouring their money, their sanity into your product but that moment was never really dealt within the building.”

Dunne mentioned that against the Chiefs in the 2022 Divisional Round game, McDermott didn’t listen to the special teams coordinator and took over the defensive play-calling duties from Leslie Frazier. He added:

“Several players and coaches said, that right when Sean McDermott is the one who calls for the boot through the end zone, the touchback when the special teams coordinator calls a squib, Sean McDermott takes over the defensive play-calling duties from Leslie Frazier, and then Leslie Frazier is basically scapegoated in so many ways after that.”

The Buffalo Bills lost that game in overtime, and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier caught a lot of flack for it. Frazier left the Bills after the end of the last season, where the team lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in the divisional round. Recently, offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey was also fired by the team after their loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

With both the coordinators gone, all the pressure is now on McDermott. He recently discussed how Dunne’s exclusives have assassinated his character ahead of the big game against the Chiefs.


Sean McDermott needs to finish the season on a high note

Buffalo Bills vs. Philadelphia Eagles
Buffalo Bills vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Bills are 6-6 heading into Week 14’s game against the Chiefs. Sean McDermott has a lot riding on this game because a loss would make their playoff chances very slim.

They might not make the playoffs this year, and the team might undergo significant changes. Although Brandon Beane, the general manager, has done an excellent job thus far, the head coach needs some positive outcomes to keep his job.

Here are the Bills’ remaining fixtures:

  1. Week 14: @ Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Week 15: vs Dallas Cowboys
  3. Week 16: @ Los Angeles Chargers
  4. Week 17: vs New England Patriots
  5. Week 18: @ Miami Dolphins

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