‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special teaser sets Ncuti Gatwa on a wintry adventure


Christmas is coming, and with it comes the much-anticipated return of the Doctor Who Holiday Special. Titled “The Church on Ruby Road,” this 55-minute Christmas episode will feature Ncuti Gatwa as the Fifteenth Doctor and Millie Gibson as newly minted companion, Ruby Sunday. How do they come to cross paths? Well, the exclusive teaser above gives some hints. As does the official logline:

Long ago on Christmas Eve, a baby was abandoned in the snow. Today, Ruby Sunday meets the Doctor, stolen babies, goblins and perhaps the secret of her birth.

It seems that this Timelord and his temporal-traveling pal first met when the former was just a kid — like Amy Pond and the Eleventh Doctor! From the looks of this teaser, this very special episode from Russell T. Davies also boasts goblins, a new Sonic screwdriver, a flying pirate ship, dramatic running (obviously), and a banging dance party. Plus, the cast includes Michelle Greenidge, Angela Wynter, Anita Dobson, and British TV presenter Davina McCall, playing herself.

What more could you wish for from Santa?

How to watch: Doctor Who‘s Holiday Special, “The Church on Ruby Road,” will hit Disney+ on Christmas Day.

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