The Little Ice Age Recorded in Landscape Paintings


The Little Ice Age Recorded in Landscape Paintings

“When British colonists arrived in New England in the early seventeenth century, they were welcomed by an increasingly extreme and unpredictable climate,” writes Tim Brinkhof in in JSTOR Daily.

“The summer of 1637 was so hot several people died, and John Winthrop, the Governor of Massachusetts Bay resorted to traveling at nighttime. The following spring, by contrast, was so cold that harvests failed. Worst of all was the winter of 1641-1642; in his journal, Winthrop noted that ‘the frost was so great and continual this winter that all the Bay was frozen over, so much and so long, as the like, by the Indians’ relation, had not been so these forty years…’

“Nowadays these meteorological anomalies are often cited as manifestations of the so-called Little Ice Age or LIA, a period of slight yet significant global cooling that lasted from circa 1300 to 1850.

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