Travis Scott first in line for Tom Brady baseball card as hype grows around ‘Brady Day’


Travis Scott has jumped ahead of the line to get Tom Brady baseball cards. With ‘Brady Day’ approaching on the 12th of December, in honor of the number he wore during his playing career, Topps is releasing collectibles with the quarterback wearing a baseball uniform.

Michael Rubin, owner of Fanatics, the parent company of Topps, revealed that the Montreal Expos had drafted Brady as a catcher back in 1995. The football star chose to forgo that opportunity and instead joined Michigan to play as a quarterback. He was then drafted from there by the New England Patriots and the rest is history.

But the alternate history is fun to think about. And Topps is doing just that, with Brady wearing an Expos uniform on the latest cards coming out on ‘Brady Day’. One of the cards signed by the GOAT reads,

“If baseball doesn’t work out, there’s always football.”

Travis Scott wants a card as Tom Brady hypes up the baseball card for ‘Brady Day’

Tom Brady replied to the post on Instagram with his own comment, saying,

“I want that card!!!!!”

Comment by Tom Brady
Comment by Tom Brady

However, the quarterback merely admitted to wanting that. Travis Scott, on the other hand, said that he needed it, writing,

“Need that”

Comment by Travis Scott
Comment by Travis Scott

Tom Brady can laugh about it now

Tom Brady can post all these tongue-in-check comments after having a successful career of over two decades playing in the NFL. But there might have been a time when he could have regretted his choice to pass up on the MLB.

Last year, his resume emerged that he was keeping on standby when he fell to the sixth round of the NFL Draft. His football experience at the university was relegated to the bottom as he sought to climb the corporate ladder.

Even when he was drafted, he needed to sit behind Drew Bledsoe, who was the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots and a former first-overall pick. It was only in his second year, when Bledsoe was injured against the New York Jets, that he got the chance to come in and become the starter.

He took the opportunity with both hands to win the Super Bowl and establish himself. Baseball’s loss turned out to be football’s gain as it saw the greatest player to ever pursue the sport. But for certain decisions by him and others, his career could have turned out so differently, and there would be no ‘Brady Day’ to celebrate.

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