Bahamas Shares Music Video for ‘Sports Car’ From New Album ‘Bootcut’


The song appears on the musician’s latest album Bootcut, released in September

Outrunning childhood ghosts can often feel like a futile battle, so Bahamas sits in the discomfort of those lingering emotions in the video for “Sports Car.” The song, which appeared on his recently released album Bootcut, which arrived in September, examines the impact that growing up without a father had — and still has — on him.

In the video, the musician returns to the days before he was known as Bahamas, when he was just a young boy named Afie Jurvanen. As a child sits on the living room floor, years suddenly begin to pass. Some of it is typical coming-of-age growing pains, but it’s also a reckoning with the feeling that his experience is incomplete.

“Twenty years ago, I tried to write a song about growing up without a father,” Jurvanen explained in a statement. “1 out of 4 kids grow up without a father in the home. The long-term effects on fatherless children are so severe, and there are decades of data now to support this. It’s not an issue that gets much attention these days, but for me, it’s personal.”


He added: “The song tries to address this by singing about my mom. Huh? Confusing right?! Now, imagine how confused you would be when the person who’s supposed to care about you abandons you before you’re even born. Thanks to Mina and Heather for leading the way and making such a tender video to accompany the track.”

Jurvanen has spent years resurfacing and reframing the experiences of his life through music as Bahamas. Bootcut marked his sixth studio album, but his first true venture into country music. “In some ways, it’s a nice position to be in,” he told Rolling Stone earlier this year about this space of still having new experiences so far into his career. “But in another way, it’s hard to know how to even speak about myself sometimes.”

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