Dakota Johnson’s extreme self-care routine includes sleeping at least 10 hours a night


Dakota Johnson’s self-care routine includes at least 10 hours of sleep a night and plenty of midday baths.

“I don’t have a regular [wake-up] time,” she told the Wall Street Journal in an interview published Monday.

“It depends on what’s happening in my life. If I’m not working, if I have a day off on a Monday, then I will sleep as long as I can,” she continued. “Sleep is my number one priority in life.”

The “Persuasion” actress, 34, admitted that she’s “not functional” unless she gets 10 hours of sleep or more.

“I can easily go 14 hours,” she said of her snoozing abilities.

Johnson also shared that bathtime can be any time of day depending on her mental health status.

“I will get in a bathtub at any moment, any time of the day,” she said. “If in the middle of the day, I’m like, ‘Oh God, what is this world?’ I’ll get in the bathtub.”

She added, “I find water really grounding.”

“If I have a day off on a Monday, then I will sleep as long as I can,” Johnson told The Wall Street Journal. Getty Images

The “50 Shades of Grey” alum also turns to meditation twice a day to help with her anxiety.

“I do transcendental meditation,” she explained. “I’ve been really into breathwork recently and that’s been helping me a lot with anxiety.”

Johnson also takes care of her physical health as well and makes sure to work out five days a week.

“I do a lot of hot yoga and Pilates and body weight training,” she said.

The actress finds that taking a bath helps her de-stress and that water is “grounding.” Universal

As for her diet, Johnson said she is “not really a breakfast person.”

“But I have coffee as quickly as I can,” she said. “I love an oat milk flat white.”

Fortunately for Johnson, she finds that the holidays with her family are pretty stress-free.

“My family doesn’t really have holiday traditions. We’re kind of free-flowing in that department. We’re all very good at not applying stress to each other to show up or behave in a certain way, which I think is really nice,” she said.

Johnson also practices transcendental meditation for her anxiety. Getty Images for Gucci

“The holidays are stressful and especially with the world and the state that it’s in, just being quiet and spending time with people you love and make you feel good is better than forcing traditions that feel stressful.”

Johnson, the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, has been in a relationship with Chris Martin since 2017.

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The movie star works out five days a week. GC Images

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