Foldable iPhone may still be on the way, per new evidence


Apple’s foldable iPhone didn’t drop in 2023 like we thought a couple years ago, but it might still be coming after all.

A new report from Korean outlet The Elec indicated that Samsung Display (a subsidiary of Samsung that, well, makes displays) has “strengthened” the foldable capacity of its A Business Team, which “handles demand from Cupertino.” Obviously, that’s where Apple is based, so it’s easy to connect the dots from there.

There isn’t much to the report beyond that and a nugget that foldable 20-inch screens for Apple are in the works, but it’s enough to make foldable fans salivate. Samsung has seen enough success with its Z Flip and Z Fold product lines to make five models of each, while OnePlus jumped in the foldable pond this year with the OnePlus Open. Foldables no longer feel like gimmicky, experimental gambles; it now feels like a proper market segment that Apple might want to cater to at some point.

When “some point” comes is obviously unknown, and might remain unknown for another couple of years. But if you want the magic of bending screens with the convenience of Apple’s software ecosystem, you might be in luck…someday.

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