Green Monday 2023 Is Today! Where Are All the Deals This Year?


Green Monday could be the day to finish your Christmas shopping online!

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If you follow along with Hip2Save all year long, you’ll always know where the best deals are when shopping for gifts.

But if you enjoy the thrill of procrastinating or if you missed out on the Cyber Monday and Black Friday deals we posted, then Green Monday is usually a good opportunity to check off all the last-minute items on your list!

Green Monday 2023 is today, December 11th!

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What is Green Monday, you ask?

Over the past few years, Green Monday has emerged as the third-largest shopping day of the year, behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In fact, it has come to be known as “Cyber Monday 2,” because it’s next in line as the biggest day of the year for online holiday shopping.

This shopping “holiday” always falls on the second Monday of December, when there are approximately 10 shipping days left before Christmas.

That usually puts Green Monday two weeks after Cyber Monday on the calendar, giving many shoppers a chance to receive another paycheck and one last chance to finish up their online shopping in time to get their gifts shipped, wrapped, and under the tree in time for Christmas.

Green Monday is usually the biggest sales day of December, so it probably got its name from all the “green” changing hands that day! 💲

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So, where are all the Green Monday deals this year?

While there are lots of other deals to be had today, we’ve been pretty underwhelmed by the list of dedicated Green Monday 2023 sales so far. Maybe things are just getting off to a slow start this year, or maybe this seasonal shopping trend is starting to fizzle out.

If you still have some shopping to do and you’re hoping to score some good deals today, Here are a few sales worth checking out:

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Thursday, December 14th, 2023 is Free Shipping Day, when thousands of online retailers offer free shipping with the promise to deliver by Christmas. Free Shipping Day continues to get bigger every year. In fact, many retailers report that this holiday brings in more sales for them than Black Friday does! 😱

With Free Shipping Day seeming to grow every year, we’re hopeful that this will be a big shopping day that won’t disappoint. It’s likely to be a great time to check off the remaining items on your Christmas list without leaving home, so stick with us as we point you toward all the best deals!

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