‘Home Alone’ Actor Ken Hudson Campell “Overwhelmed” By The Outpouring Of Support Received From His GoFundMe Page: “Every Time He Read Something, He Would Just Burst Into Tears”


Ken Hudson Campbell is “overwhelmed” by the tremendous outpouring of support he’s received from a GoFundMe page launched on Dec. 1 by his daughter, Michaela, to raise funds for his recent cancer surgery.

The Home Alone actor’s daughter told People, “The first day we posted it, every time he read something, he would just burst into tears,” noting that “it was the first time he really got emotional about the whole situation.”

“It was kind of a shock to him to feel so loved,” she added.

Various stars have donated to the page, including Jeff Garlin, Tim Meadows and Steve Carell, the latter of whom donated a whopping $10,000, per the New York Post. As of today, the page has raised more than $109,000, surpassing their original $100,000 goal.

Michaela told People that her father’s diagnosis was “squamous cell carcinoma,” describing it as “a big tumor in his mouth.”

“The last two years he’s gotten lots of biopsies done and they’ve tried to control it,” she continued. “And it was only this year that it just got very, very aggressive. So when he got his biopsy in October, that is when we got the diagnosis.”

According to Mayo Clinic, “most oral cancers are squamous cell carcinomas.”

Ken Hudson Campbell in 'Home Alone'
Photo: YouTube/ @ClipsTime

Michaela explained that her father had “lost his health insurance with SAG[-AFTRA] and he had to stop going to the same doctors that he had been going to for a while about his mouth.”

“And it discouraged him a little bit and he just didn’t really check on it,” she shared. “I think it was really shocking for us because we thought he was taking care of it, at least I did. It was really hard for me to hear and I had a hard time emotionally.”

She also provided a positive update, highlighting that her father is “doing well” after his 10-hour surgery last Thursday (Dec. 7), during which his lymph nodes and a big portion of his jaw bone were removed, and is conscious.

“They took him off of his respirator, so he’s breathing by himself,” she said. “They said that they were able to take all of the cancer out as well so he won’t need chemotherapy.”

Campbell will begin radiation treatment in a month, taking place five days a week, which will precede a six-month recovery period. However, Michaela said she and her family are “kind of playing it one step at a time, depending on how debilitated he is.”

Michaela also updated the GoFundMe page on Saturday (Dec. 9) to share the news that his surgery “was a success.”

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