Oprah Winfrey offers fans a peek inside her California home


Oprah Winfrey, the powerhouse behind “The Color Purple,” has been on a promotional spree for the upcoming film, dazzling fans not only with her lavender-themed wardrobe, but also with a prized peek into her opulent Montecito, California residence now worth $100 million.

In a recent video, the longtime talk show titan provided a glimpse inside her lavish abode while simultaneously flaunting her svelte figure.

Clad in a chic white ensemble, Winfrey ventured into her kitchen to craft a purple mocktail, aligning perfectly with her film’s hue.

Although the footage offered only a glimpse, sharp-eyed fans spotted elements of grandeur — a sprawling kitchen adorned with large white cabinets, straw baskets atop a bench and a backdrop showcasing elegant blue and white fine china.

Since 2001, Winfrey, now 69, has called this California estate home, having initially purchased it for a cool $50 million.

Oprah Winfrey created the drink in honor of the film “The Color Purple.” Instagram / @oprah

Recently, she teased a movie-inspired drink for the holiday season, concocting a recipe blending apple juice, ginger, beet juice, lime juice, blue Curaçao, simple syrup and sparkling water garnished with blackberries. She suggested adding a splash of vodka, gin, or tequila for an extra kick.

This sneak peek into her home comes hot on the heels of Winfrey’s public revelation about her remarkable physical transformation at the Los Angeles premiere of the film.

Dressed in a striking purple gown, she attributed her change to a holistic approach, incorporating various lifestyle facets, including rigorous exercise sessions, like the treadmill session she squeezed in just before gracing the star-studded event.

Viewers can see inside her kitchen with custom white cabinets. Instagram / @oprah
The kitchen is all people got to see, though it boasts clean lines and a fresh white look. Instagram / @oprah

Interestingly, Winfrey’s acquisition of the Montecito property came as an unexpected stroke of luck.

Originally owned by Robert and Marlene Veloz, who intended to use it for fundraising events, their plans shifted when Winfrey expressed interest during a casual visit. Despite not being on the market, Winfrey swiftly made an irresistible offer — that $50 million, a significant jump from the Velozes’ initial $14 million investment.

The estate, previously owned by the Bacon family and constructed in 1957, boasted a rich history and expansive grounds spanning 42 acres.

The estate occupies more than 23,000 square feet. Toby Canham / Splash News

Over the years, Winfrey has expanded her domain, acquiring a neighboring equestrian estate in 2016 for $28.85 million, adding 23.26 acres to her holdings.

However, in a surprising turn of events last September, Winfrey parted ways with the ranch, selling it to none other than actress Jennifer Aniston.

Despite this, Winfrey continues to affectionately refer to her residence as the Promised Land, reminiscent of the biblical narrative.

The main house sprawls across 23,000 square feet in a Neo-Georgian architectural style, featuring six bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a library, a theater and 10 fireplaces.

Oprah Winfrey flaunting her new physique in a slew of purple ensembles.

The property also boasts a fruit orchard, an equestrian ring and a serene garden, often referred to by Winfrey as her personal sanctuary.

In a 2018 interview with Vogue, Winfrey confessed her love for the tranquil environment, expressing her delight in the serenity of her estate. “I live in a very beautiful space that I created,” she shared.

“Every time I leave home, I’m driving out the back with the pond and the ducks, and I’m looking at the grass, and I see the house on the hill.”

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