Patrick Mahomes regrets outburst, Josh Allen interaction after Chiefs penalty


Patrick Mahomes apologized on Monday for the way he acted after Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills. 

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was irate after a late-game penalty on Kadarius Toney negated a potentially game-winning touchdown.

Mahomes had an absolute meltdown on the sideline, at one point having to be restrained by his teammates as he screamed at the referee. 

And after the final whistle blew, Mahomes was still fuming as he congratulated Josh Allen and other Bills players.

However, after sleeping on things, Mahomes had a change of heart about the way he acted when he appeared on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City on Monday. 

“Obviously, you don’t ever want to react that way,” Mahomes said during the appearance, according to TMZ. “I care, man. I love this game, I love my teammates. I want to go out there and put everything on the line to win.

“But obviously, can’t do that, can’t be that way toward officials or really anybody in life, so I probably regret acting like that. But, more than anything I regretted how I acted toward Josh after the game, because he had nothing to do with it.”

Patrick Mahomes apologized for his heated reaction to the ending of the Bills-Chiefs game. Getty Images
Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen embrace after the game. @thadbrown7/X

Mahomes’ interaction with Allen was not one of his better moments as the two embraced for a postgame handshake. 

“Wildest f–king call I’ve ever seen,” Mahomes said to Allen. “Offensive offsides in that moment, man. f–king terrible.”

Allen tried to console Mahomes in the moment with a pat on the chest as the two went their separate ways. 

Patrick Mahomes needed to be held back by his teammates as he went ballistic on the referees on Sunday. CBS

What set everything off was the call on Toney that negated the touchdown with less than two minutes in the game and the Chiefs trailing by three. 

Mahomes had found an open Travis Kelce for a pass and then the tight end lateraled the ball across the field to Toney, who had a clear lane into the end zone.

However, the penalty wiped that away. 

Chiefs head coach Andy Reid defended Mahomes on Monday over his reaction to the call. 

“We put so much time and effort into it and both physical and mental effort,” Reid told reporters, per ESPN. “For it to come down to something like that, that ends up being the frustration … That type of situation is too great for really good football teams playing each other and you’re down to a minute and a half or a minute, 50 seconds, all of a sudden, you’re right there and have a big play. I think anybody would say that’s a little bit frustrating. 

“Do we need to line up right? Yeah, we do. We’ve got to take care of that and not put it in the official’s hands.”

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