PlayStation Wrap-Up is Spotify Wrapped but for gaming, and it’s back for 2023


At least this one didn’t tell me I’m spiritually from Portland, Oregon.

PlayStation launched the 2023 edition of PlayStation Wrap-Up on Tuesday, commemorating the year that was in gaming on Sony’s consoles. In case you don’t know, it’s basically Spotify Wrapped but for gaming (on PlayStation 5). It’ll tell you what your top five games of 2023 were in terms of playing time, how many total games you played on PlayStation, and how many total hours you spent, among other nifty little stats.

My PlayStation Wrap-Up top 5 games of 2023: Risk of Rain 2, Octopath Traveler 2, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Final Fantasy XVI, and Wild Hearts

Big year for RPGs, I guess.
Credit: PlayStation

For instance, I somehow played 73 games on my PS5 in 2023. That’s the life of someone who reviews video games. My top game, though, was Risk of Rain 2, which did not come out this year and is mostly something I play to pass the time while listening to podcasts. The two biggest hits of 2023 for me in terms of playtime were Final Fantasy XVI and Octopath Traveler II.

I love JRPGs, what can I say?

To find out all of these stats for yourself, simply go to the PlayStation Wrap-Up site, log in to your PSN profile, and have fun.

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